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Maternity (Tender Touches Birthing Center)

Tender Touches Birthing CenterOne of the most rewarding parts of healthcare is bringing a new life into the world. That is why an important part of your community hospital is Massena Memorial Hospital’s Tender Touches Birthing Center.

Infant born at Tender Touches Birthing CenterAs a Mom-To-Be, you can expect beautiful changes at our new birthing center with the new Northwest addition that is home to the Tender Touches Birthing Center.The details in designed had family and comfort in mind. The new birthing center does not have an institutional feel. It is extremely warm and cozy with soft earth tones colors. But each LDRP has all the state of the art medical equipment that is stored in beautiful cabinetry.  Within this new birthing center, there are four new labor/delivery/recovery/postpartum rooms, LDRP’s. 

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A LDRP room is designed for total birthing experience, when Mom comes into to the hospital to deliver her baby; she will be admitted to one room. In the new rooms, she will labor, deliver the baby, recover and stay in the same room while in the hospital. Each private room is decorated in warm earth tones with the comforts of home, such flat screen televisions, comfortable sleep chair for dad, private  bathroom/shower, and of course equipped with the latest technology of monitoring for a safe birth of your newborn.

Birthing room at Tender Touches“The LDRP model allows the hospital to provide a family centered care model with a patient room that is homey, and comfortable. We are making wonderful, patient-friendly changes to our birthing center, to make sure our Moms-to-be are well cared for and comfortable during this special time, and growing with additional space for the baby to be able to “room-in” with Mom,” said Sue Beaulieu, RN, MSN, Chief Nurse Executive.

The new LDRP’s greatly improve and enhance the total delivery experience for the entire family. Each LDRP will be zoned in three areas, the patient area for Mom and newborn, the Family area for Dad, and/or the labor coach and of course the Clinical area for the Obstetrician, Pediatrician and Nurses.

Massena Memorial Hospital's Tender Touches Birthing Center offers epidurals and hydrotherapy in the beautiful whirlpool room for moms during labor.

Family celebrates infant at Tender TouchesThe Perinatal Services Department at Massena Memorial Hospital, located on the hospital's first floor, consists of four LDRPs, four post-partum beds, and two nurseries. The hospital generally delivers approximately 300 babies each year. Deliveries are generally provided for women with at least 36 weeks of gestation. Those with less than 36 weeks of gestation are evaluated for risk factors and may be  transferred to a tertiary care hospital.

Every effort is made in consultation with each mother-to-be to provide the type of birthing experience she wants. An epidural service is available through the hospital's anesthesia department.

Especially for first-time moms and dads, a series of child-birth/parenting classes are provided free by the hospital several times each year, to help prepare them for the birthing experience and in bringing your newborn home.

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Breast Feeding Classes

Tender Touches Birthing Center staff is pleased to offer a tour of the hospital's birthing center to expectant parents. Just give us a call at 315-769-4249.