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MMH Offers New Weight Management & Lifestyle Change Programs to Community

February 07, 2019

Dr. Matthew Prionas and Dr. Rohit Barreto, Board Certified Family Medicine and Diplomate of American Board of Obesity Medicine
It’s a new year, so why not focus on a new you. If you are ready to lose weight and adopt a healthy lifestyle, the Massena Memorial Hospital Center for Lifestyle and Weight Management provides an array of services to help you. MMH’s Family Medicine and Weight Management Specialists work in partnership with you to help set and achieve specific goals.
This month, Massena Memorial Hospital will be kicking off the new program, The Center for Lifestyle & Weight Management Program. This program will be offered in two parts; the first part is working one-on-one with a Board Certified Obesity/Weight Management physician and the second joining an eight-week educational program with the Nutrition Services Department.
The program begins on February 13, 2019. Patients will have an initial visit with Rohit Barreto, MD, or Matthew Prionas, MD, of the MMH Medical Group at 181 Maple Street. Patients should call to schedule an appointment with one of the physicians. 
The MMH Center for Lifestyle & Weight Management Program has various offerings for individuals who want to lose weight and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Initiatives include: using state-of-the-art, evidence-based treatment strategies, and a comprehensive weight management program that is customized to meet each person's weight-related medical, emotional and psychosocial needs.
What to Expect- A weight management specialist will conduct a comprehensive initial assessment and medical evaluation of the medical, biological, emotional and psychosocial issues that affect your weight. Based upon this in-depth assessment, an individualized weight management treatment plan will be developed (and mutually agreed upon) with the options of focusing on an array of treatments, including diet, physical activity, behavior change, psychological counseling, and medications.
How often are my appointments? During your initial appointment you will meet with one of the physicians who specialize in Weight Management. Subsequent appointments will be based on your individual needs, but the goal of these appointments is for Dr. Barreto or Dr. Prionas to monitor patients’ progress and continually assist them in meeting their end goals.
What is the cost of consultations? Costs for individual consultations depend on the specialist you see and the number of visits. Some services may not be covered by insurance. Contact your insurance company if you have any questions regarding coverage.
The team provides care for many medical conditions, including: weight management, nutrition, fitness, and health psychology. The physicians offer a comprehensive array of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures and consultation including: behavioral counseling, dietary counseling, disease management, exercise counseling, pharmacotherapy and psychological counseling.
Registered Dietitians Mary Mittiga and Beth Morgan’s Weight Management & Healthy Lifestyle 8-Week Educational/Support Class begins February 27. All patients are encouraged to participate in this eight-week education program; however, these educational/support sessions are free and open to everyone to have a more profound impact on the community. These classes are held every Wednesday evening from 5-6 pm beginning on February 27, 2019. Some topics that will be covered during these classes include basic nutrition and portion regulation, healthy eating when dining out, and fitness. There will also be food sampling, recipe exchanges, and guest lectures. If there is anyone who does not want to attend this program but wishes to schedule an appointment with our registered dietitians, Mary and Beth will be offering one-on-one sessions to patients with a physician referral. Furthermore, patients who could use some support through their weight loss or weight management journey can see Allison Herne, Licensed Clinical Social Worker. To sign up for the free educational support program, please call MMH Public Relations at 315-769-4262.
Statistics reveal that obesity is a problem in the United States. Since 1980, the percentage of American adults who are obese has more than doubled to reach 35 percent. Furthermore, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that more than 70 percent of adults over the age of 20 are either overweight or obese. Being overweight or obese is not only a health problem that affects adults, as 17 percent of children between the ages of 2 and 19 are obese as well. This percentage has tripled since 1980. 
As a result of being overweight or obese, people put themselves at an increased risk of developing diabetes, high-blood pressure, and heart disease. Benefits of a healthy weight include lower cholesterol, blood sugar levels and blood pressure, as well as less stress on a person’s bones, joints and heart. For these reasons, Massena Memorial Hospital is excited to launch each of these programs and help patients and community members improve their health by lowering and managing their weight and changing their eating habits and exercise patterns.  
For more information regarding the prevention of obesity, monitoring and maintaining your weight, and what constitutes a healthy diet please visit the following links from the hospital’s health library.,P07863,,P01570,,P02223