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To help you achieve and maintain weight loss, the highly skilled interdisciplinary team of The Center for Lifestyle and Weight Management Program includes:

Care Team

Dr. Rohit Barreto and Dr. Matthew Prionas

Board-certified Family Medicine and Diplomate American Board of Obesity Medicine

Social Worker– Allison Herne, LCSW-R

Request an Appointment 315-769-4704

If you are ready to lose weight and adopt a healthy lifestyle, the MMH Weight Management Center for Lifestyle Medicine provides an array of services to help you. Our Family  Medicine and Weight Management Specialists work in partnership with you to help set and achieve specific goals. In many cases, our patients come to us looking for:

  • Comprehensive weight loss treatment and management for overweight and obese adults
  • Education strategies and skills that promote weight loss
  • Risk factor reduction for a healthier lifestyle
  • Tools to improve physical activity and encourage healthy eating

Our physicians offer a comprehensive array of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures and consultation including:

  • Behavioral counseling
  • Dietary counseling
  • Disease management
  • Exercise counseling
  • Pharmacotherapy
  • Psychological counseling

The MMH Center for Lifestyle & Weight Management Program   has various offerings for individuals who want to lose weight and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Initiatives include:

Weight Management

Using state-of-the-art, evidence-based treatment strategies, we offer adults a comprehensive weight management program that is customized to meet each person's weight-related medical, emotional and psychosocial needs.

What to Expect

A  weight management specialist will conduct a comprehensive initial assessment and medical evaluation of the medical, biological, emotional and psychosocial issues that affect your weight. Based upon this in-depth assessment, an individualized weight management treatment plan will be developed (and mutually agreed upon) with the options of focusing on an array of treatments, including diet, physical activity, behavior change, psychological counseling, and medications.

How often are my  appointments?

During your initial appointment you will meet with one of the physicians who specialize in Weight Management. Subsequent appointments will be based on your individual needs.

What is the cost of consultations?

Costs for individual consultations depend on the specialist you see and the number of visits. Some services may not be covered by insurance. Contact your insurance company if you have any questions regarding coverage.