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Massena Memorial Hospital Community (Volunteering)

Volunteer with the Massena Hospital AuxiliaryMassena Memorial Hospital Auxiliary

Executive Board - 2018

  • President - Wendy Chambers
  • First Vice-President - Debbie WIller
  • Secretary - Carla Premo
  • Treasurer - Julianne Fowler


  • Elizabeth Barns
  • Judy Durant
  • Fran Orlando
  • Lee LaRosa
  • Patty Kay O'Connell          
  • Becky Shaw

Chairpersons of Standing Committees 

  • Special Fund Raising - Kay Romeo and Carla Premo      
  • Beverage Cart - Rosemary Shoen        
  • Gift Shop - Buyer Barbara Kennedy
  • Gift Shop - Staff Jill Powers
  • Gift Shop - Treasurer Cheryl Novak
  • Membership - Holly Derouchie
  • Printing & Publicity - Julianne Fowler           
  • Scholarship - Elizabeth Barnes   
  • Hostess - Holly Derouchie & Ann Kennan
  • Sunshine - Patsy Henry
  • Patient Gifts - Becky Shaw 
  Community Outreach:
  • Organ Donation - Charlene Hazelton
 The Massena Memorial Hospital Auxiliary is a member of the Healthcare Association of New York State

What is the Massena Memorial Hospital Auxiliary?

The Auxiliary is an enthusiastic group of over 150 people who devote time and energy to support the workings of Massena Memorial Hospital through financial support, volunteer in-hospital deeds, and/or fund raising efforts within the community.

A $10 annual fee will entitle a person to membership status: active or inactive. From time to time for major fund raising activities, an inactive member may be asked to contribute in some small way. However, an active member is one who volunteers time on a regular basis. To do this, a volunteer would need to select an area of service which would best suit the individual’s talents and availability.

How do the volunteers get involved?

In the hospital a volunteer can get involved with:

  • Hostess Committee Beverage Cart
  • Gift Shop
  • Information Desk Patient Gifts
  • Special Community Events

Other areas of volunteering include:

  • Record keeping Telephone work
  • Publicity Community Health Programs
  • Special Fund Raisers such as Christmas Cash Drawing
  • Baking for Sales
  • Knitting or Sewing for Patient Projects

What is the MMH Auxiliary mission?

Through the moneys earned in the above-mentioned areas, the Auxiliary fosters an interest in our local medical community by providing scholarships to area high school students for nursing/medical careers.

However, the main focus of the Auxiliary’s efforts is to supplement the hospital budget by purchasing medical equipment or providing for renovations and/or redecoration in the hospital. A few past purchases have been micro-scan equipment, operating room table, physical therapy whirlpool, system heart monitor, defibrillator, fetal scalp monitor, patient televisions, mammography equipment, apnea monitor, patient mattresses; and Christmas decorations for the patient’s morale at the holiday season. Other donations include Stereotactic Mammography, an Infant Security System, Pulse Oximeter for Surgical Services, a suture cart, an infant scale, and wheelchairs and a VCR and videotapes for Kids Korner Pediatric Center. Additionally, the Auxiliary donated nearly $23,000 in medical equipment to the hospital to include: a whirlpool for the Tender Touches Birthing Center, EKG Vision Holter System and Recorder.

MMH Auxiliary has been recognized over the last eight years with the Healthcare Association of New York’s Advocacy Award.

How much time is involved to be an active member?

This really depends on the area of service and how much time can be volunteered by and individual.

Are there meetings to attend? When?

General meetings are a business/social affair, open to all members, active or inactive. They are held the fourth Wednesday in January, May and October and convene at a local restaurant. Although members are encouraged to attend, meetings are not obligatory. Usually an entertaining program follows the lunch, so it is a wonderful opportunity to meet new people, renew friendships, and enjoy an afternoon. Notifications are sent to all members. Board meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month, except July and August, and are attended by the officers, directors and committee chairpersons.

Download the form below and mail or deliver along with a $10 check to:

Volunteers...give the greatest gift of all!Massena Memorial Hospital Auxiliary
Att: Membership Committee
One Hospital Drive
Massena, New York 13662

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