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Healthcare today can be confusing and complicated. At Massena Hospital, we try to make it as easy as possible to navigate the healthcare system, and that includes informing you about the cost of medical services we provide.

This area of our website helps you obtain basic information about medical services and prices provided at Massena Hospital. Average prices for many common procedures are listed on our website to help you make informed healthcare decisions. Please be aware that average prices are subject to change.

It is important to note that what is listed here are average prices for medical procedures, which are subject to change. More importantly, the figures listed are not what a patient may pay for the service/procedure listed. The amount you will owe depends on your insurance plan.

A Note Before Using Prices Online

The information contained in this file is being provided in compliance with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) requirement [FY 2019 IPPS/LTCH PPS Final Rule; CMS-1694-F] for hospitals to post a list of their standard charges online in a machine-readable format.    DRG charge information as described by CMS in a recent update to price transparency FAQs is being calculated and will be posted as soon as it is available.      

  1. The information contained in the file is current as of the last upload. Charge information is subject to periodic changes and the file will be updated as soon as practically possible to reflect such changes.
  2. The file contains both the charge amount and the charge description of the item or service as reflected in the hospital's chargemaster (CDM)
  3. A charge represents the dollar amount assigned to specific medical services before application of any negotiated discounts to third-party payers.  The actual hospital charges will vary based on the type of care provided, treatments, individual health conditions and other factors.   If you need an exact estimate of your out-of-pocket cost, please call the Massena Memorial Hospital Patient Financial Counseling at 315-769-4667 or 315-769-4219 or submit a request via email to 
  5. Following the CMS guidelines, the information in this file represents the hospitals current standard charges as reflected in the CDM.  However, it is important to understand that the information represented in the CDM is the starting point in many cases and can undergo additional adjustments through the billing process, therefore, please be aware:
  6. The charge shown is the original charge for the item or service prior to any adjustments that result from applying modifiers in certain situations
  7. The CDM is used in multiple hospital departments and may have different charges for the same item or service and such instances will repeat in the file. 
  8. For a single chargemaster item, the charge is consistent; however, there may be slight variation in charges for services with similar descriptions for various reasons. 
  9.  Charges for certain items or services are based on per unit, such as – including but not limited to – surgeries, anesthesia, and recovery which can be based on the unit of time and complexity; medications, drugs which can be based on weight-based dosage, age or packaging; etc.
  10.  Certain items and or services have a zero dollar price in the CDM for a variety of reasons – contracted billing services that drop charges externally, no cost supplies. Investigational device or medication exemption items in clinical trials and studies, replacement for a recalled or defective device, explode codes and other system limitations. Such items and services will appear with zero dollar and is not reflective of the actual charge. In addition, items and or services are sometimes assigned a one penny price to reflect, for example, a state provided medication or drug, contrast items, therapy status codes used for CMS reporting, etc. and Is not reflective of the actual charge contained outside of the chargemaster
  11. The file may also contain CDM items for non-charges (such as payments, allowances, transactions, etc. The information you see here is based on the average hospital charge for specific services. We’re unable to provide you with what your deductible, co-insurance or co- pay will be and whether a procedure will be covered by your insurance. Please contact your insurance company directly for this information.

For more information, please call Massena Hospital's Patient Financial Services at 315-769-4667.

To see sample charges, please click here.