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Welcome to Massena Hospital.  Thank you for visiting our website and I hope you are able to find the information you are looking for. If not please not hesitate to contact us and we will connect you to the appropriate people who can help. 

Dave Bender, Chief Executive Officer
Dave Bender, Chief Executive Officer

Like you, we at Massena Memorial are committed to our community, and we are here to meet your needs by delivering the best healthcare possible. We have a long tradition of taking care of the folks in Massena and the surrounding communities.  Being in a smaller, more rural hospital we have a higher calling to how we provide care.  Much of what we do is providing service to people we know, neighbors, friends, relatives or friends of friends.  That is a very different responsibility than caring for anonymous patients and that is typically what happens in larger hospitals.  Your care is the biggest priority we have.

As the Chief Executive Officer of Massena Hospital I am pleased to be here and being a part of this great healthcare organization.  As you may be aware the hospital is in the process of transitioning from a municipal hospital to a voluntary not-for-profit one similar to the vast majority of hospitals in New York State and around the country.  As of January 1, 2020, we are officially Massena Hospital and have joined St. Lawrence Health System. We are the same folks giving you the same great care, only our corporate status will change.

We are proud to serve our communities and to ensure that we are here for you when you need us.  We are committed to being your choice for a great place to recieve care, your doctor to practice and your friends and neighbors to work. Please send me a note at and let us know how we are doing.

Thank you,

Dave Bender

Our Service Plan

MMH Community Service Plan Executive Summary

MMH Community Service Plan Executive Summary PDFPopulation health management focuses on understanding the health needs of the community, measuring and evaluating health status, and developing collaborative programs that will improve health outcomes. A shift is being made toward population health management by focusing on assessment, prevention wellness and chronic disease management.

Massena Memorial Hospital offers free screenings, community education, health fairs and primary care outreach clinics to ensure community members of all ages can benefit from prevention as much as possible. Furthermore, with the dramatic need for additional primary care providers throughout the North Country and New York State, Massena Memorial Hospital opened a Walk-In Clinic, open seven days a week, to ensure primary care and urgent care is available to all.

Effective population health management calls for building and sustaining strong partnerships. Rural hospitals such as Massena Memorial Hospital can work with their communities to create flexible and customized population health programs. The impact of these programs can be significant due to the strength of the relationship between the community and hospital.

By organizing our resources, Massena Memorial Hospital and its partner organizations in the local community and St. Lawrence County are working to establish successful community health initiatives and improve population health.

The New York State’s health assessment and health improvement plan, The prevention  Agenda is a call to action to local health departments, healthcare providers, schools, local agencies and business to collaborate at the community level to identify health priorities and implement a strategy for local health improvement that will contribute to improving the health status of New Yorkers. The Plan identifies five priorities for improving the health of all New Yorkers which include:

  1. Prevent Chronic Disease
  2. Promote a Healthy and Safe Environment
  3. Promote Healthy Women, Infants and Children
  4. Promote Mental Health and Prevent Substance Abuse
  5. Prevents HIV, STDs, Vaccine Preventable Diseases and Healthcare Associated Infections

The goal of the Prevention Agenda is to improve the health status of New Yorkers and reduce health disparities through increased emphasis on prevention. The Agenda requires public health agencies and healthcare facilities to choose two priorities and one disparity to overcome and also calls to action a broad range of stakeholders  to collaborate at the community level to assess health status and needs, identify local health priorities and plan and implement strategies for local health improvement.

Massena Memorial Hospital worked in partnership with St. Lawrence Health Initiative, St. Lawrence County Public Health, Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center, Canton-Potsdam Hospital, Clifton-Fine Hospital and E.J. Noble Hospital, in conducting a community needs assessment of St. Lawrence County. Based on the survey findings, the group chose the priorities noted below:

  1. Obesity (Within the chronic disease category, obesity was chosen as a primary focus, specifically to reduce obesity in children and adults.
  2. Mental health

And one disparity chosen:

  1. Cancer screening for the low-income population.

The St. Lawrence County healthcare partners chose to focus on increasing access to high quality chronic disease preventive care and management, with a specific focus on improving colorectal cancer screenings rates among low income adults. Within the mental health/substance abuse category, the partners chose to support collaboration among leaders, professionals and community members working in mental health population promoting substance abuse prevention, mental health disorders and chronic disease prevention, treatment and recovery.

The Community Needs Assessment showed that poverty is prevalent in St. Lawrence County. The County’s poverty rate is 17.8% making it 3.6% higher than the state rate and 2.5% higher than the federal rate. The poverty rate for children is 22.9% which is 2.7% above the state rate and 1.3% above the federal rate. Studies have shown that poverty is the single most powerful predictor of poor health among children and that poverty is associated with poor nutrition, substandard housing, disruptive social environment and lack of health information. Poor children are more apt to become ill, suffer adverse consequences from illness and die than children with greater economic resources.

A Community Health Improvement Plan was developed by the healthcare partners and outlines the steps and actions necessary to achieve goals related to the noted priorities. Collaborative efforts with community partners and health providers are required to address more complex public health issues. These problems require several levels of intervention including education, prevention and treatment. Alternative approaches require changes in environment, policies and regulations, and access to care. Community buy-in and engagement is essential to having an impact on community health status.

Priority: Prevent Chronic Disease
Strategy: Reduce obesity in children and adults

To reduce obesity in children and adults, a community environment that promotes and supports healthy beverage and food choices and physical activity must be created. Massena Memorial Hospital has started to meet these challenges by providing the following:

  • The hospital has partnered with Massena Central Schools in offering annual screenings and physicals to students athletics and the annual screenings required to the elementary students.
  • Hosted a wellness fair for the elementary school aged children partnering with the high school’s Tech Prep Program
  • Mapped out walking routes for hospital employees
  • Working to increase breast feeding by encouraging new mothers to breast feed before formula is offered with having two lactations registered nurses on staff and offering a free breastfeeding classes/support group monthly
  • Promote the Get Healthy St. Lawrence County website
  • Utilize data captured from EMRs and other sources of current patient data to target health education activities to specific groups
  • The cafeteria and vending machines offer healthy choices.
  • Massena Memorial Hospital has partnered with Massena Central High School to allow the hospital employees to utilize the exercise gym after school hours.
  • The hospital offers numerous health fairs, screenings and education programs both for staff and community members; some topics include Diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension, prostate, breast cancer awareness, Get Your Plate in Shape, Women’s Heart Healthy program
  • Free pre-diabetes prevention program
  • School partnership programs
  • Promote local resources and program that are already in place
  • Expand the role of health care and health service providers and insurers in obesity prevention

Strategy: Increase Access to High Quality Chronic Disease Preventive Care and Management in Clinical and Community Settings
Massena Memorial Hospital is meeting these challenges by:

  • Having three outreach primary care clinics in surrounding communities; a pediatric clinic, a veterans clinic and now a walk-in clinic open seven days a week
  • Dialysis Center offering hemodialysis, and peritoneal;
  • Providing a tobacco-free environment and tobacco cessation programs;
  • Offering free flu shots annual for community members over the age of 19;
  • Providing free cancer screenings that include breast and skin;
  • Providing a Kidney Disease screening;
  • Promotion of health observations such breast cancer, prostate and skin cancer;
  • Free support groups for cancer, celiac, emotions anonymous, fibromyalgia, overeaters anonymous, weight loss surgery support, and pre-diabetes;
  • Ensuring that primary care providers can easily connect their patients with available community resources;
  • Assessing and promoting the number of primary care providers who provide the new reimbursable preventive services
  • Providing educational programming to increase the number of providers who provide reimbursable preventive services
  • Promoting of the Walk-In Clinic open seven days a week for all ages
  • Reminding employees and the community that most wellness screenings are now free under the Affordable Care Act
  • Developing and promoting common messaging and public service   announcements regarding free preventive care screenings
  • Developing marketing strategies to target specific groups with information and education
  • Working with groups that provide grant funding for free preventive cancer screenings such as the St. Lawrence Cancer Fund
  • The implementation of EMRs will be a valuable tool for health care providers ensuring that patients will be asked about preventive screenings and community outreach resources such as tobacco cessation

Timeframe, measurement and evaluation are ongoing for all activities noted above and results will be reported annually to the New York State Department of Health and the hospital administration and Board of Directors.

Priority: Promote Mental Health and Prevent Substance Abuse
Focus: Mental Health

A support of collaboration among leaders, professionals, and community members working in the mental health field, to promote substance abuse prevention and other mental health disorders and chronic disease prevention, treatment and recovery would provide the best outcomes. There is a shortage of mental health services in the community, and a potentially even more shortage will exist with the closing of the St. Lawrence Psychiatric Center inpatient services.

The community needs assessment showed that although there may be a shortage of mental health services in our community, those services available are poorly promoted or not promoted at all. The partners decided to collaboratively promote the many mental services already available.

Massena Memorial Hospital will meet these challenges by providing the following:

  • Continue working with the Massena Drug Free Coalition, a prescription drug task force, to prevent misuse, targeting the youth of the community
  • Educate referral agents regarding mental health related programs and resources such as Reach Out
  • Learn, implement and use the Inter Agency Help Net portal that is administered by the St. Lawrence Health Initiative that lists, updates and catalogues current resources available in the community
  • Determine the possibility of adding resource links to EMRs
  • Increase the number of partners that support The Suicide Coalition efforts

Timeframe, measurement and evaluation is ongoing for all activities noted above and results will be reported annually to the New York State Department of Health and the hospital administration and Board of Directors.

Maintenance of Engagement with Local Partners Massena Memorial Hospital actively participates in a variety of coalitions and committees that work collaboratively to improve the health of St. Lawrence County. Each of these groups will meet regularly to share progress and relay any barriers that they are experiencing throughout the implementation of the Community Service Plan. Progress will be tracked through the work plans developed for each group using input from each participating organization to meet the objectives outlined within the work plan.

To read the complete service plan, please click here