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Patient Expresses Gratitude for MMH Staff

June 06, 2019

On April 8, 2019, Richard Eastwood, a patient at Massena Memorial Hospital, reached out to his nurses about speaking with Pat Facteau, Chief Executive Officer, and the Public Relations Department about the outstanding care he received while being hospitalized. Eastwood could not be more grateful to all of the staff members at MMH for their contributions to maintaining the facility and providing quality care to every patient. 

He said, “I have never had better care anywhere else. The physicians and nurses at MMH are always there for patients and will do whatever they can to help.” Eastwood also made positive comments about various departments and professionals throughout the hospital, pointing out how dedicated MMH’s employees are to their mission of providing quality health care. 

Eastwood explained that he went to visit his primary care provider, Dr. Neil Cichetti on April 4. During this visit, Dr. Cichetti noticed that Eastwood seemed to be experiencing symptoms of a stroke and needed to be taken to the emergency room immediately. Dr. Cichetti called for a rescue, and Eastwood was taken to MMH’s Emergency Department. Eastwood stated, “Dr. Cichetti always takes really good care of me. He is an excellent doctor and his nurses and receptionists are very kind, welcoming and professional.”  

Dr. Aaron Gingrich cared for Eastwood when he arrived at the Emergency Department. Eastwood said that Dr. Gingrich ordered several tests, which revealed that he also had pneumonia. Eastwood is very pleased with the care he received from the ER, as he said, “Dr. Gingrich and the ER Nurses were unbelievable. They were attentive and communicated with me and my wife about what was going on with my health and what needed to happen.” 

Eastwood’s emergency room visit led to him being admitted. Dr. Kejan Tang, Neurologist, diagnosed Eastwood’s stroke. After spending a short amount of time in the Medical/Surgical Unit, Eastwood was moved to the Intensive Care Unit, ICU. According to Eastwood, the Hospitalists and ICU Nurses kept a very close eye on him. “All of the ICU doctors and nurses were amazing and right there whenever I needed them. They were so prompt, and they would do anything for their patients,” said Eastwood. He specifically mentioned that he was glad to have Dr. Romith Naug caring for him during his hospital stay and that you cannot ask for a better Hospitalist. 

Eastwood also complimented the Respiratory, Laboratory and Medical Imaging Departments. He was impressed that the Laboratory and Medical Imaging Departments had his test results back in no time. The Nutrition Services Team and Maintenance/Housekeeping Staff exceeded Eastwood’s expectations as well, as he commented that the kitchen staff provides patients with great meals, and the maintenance workers and cleaners keep the hospital looking clean and well maintained. “MMH is a beautiful facility, and the employees here keep it that way,” said Eastwood.