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New Incubator and Resuscitation System allows MMH to Care for the Tiniest Patients

July 19, 2017

PROVIDING CARE FOR THE YOUNGEST PATIENTS - Tender Touches Birthing Center Registered Nurses Heather Gardner, RN (left) and Pam Marin, RN, (right) care for a newborn using the new Giraffe Incubator Care Station.
Newborns are Massena Memorial Hospital’s smallest patients. We want to ensure each and every baby has the very best start in life. MMH’s Tender Touches Birthing Center recently purchased a Giraffe Stand-Alone Infant Resuscitation System and Incubator Care Station from GE Healthcare to treat the tiniest babies born at the hospital. 
This new technology will help our nursing staff better care for premature and sick babies at birth. The unit features a wide-range of technology to monitor the baby’s vital signs, air circulation and pressure points. 
“Some newborns enter the world needing a little more help than other children. Adding this state-of-the art technology to our Tender Touches Birthing Center solidifies our commitment to parents of all newborns that we are focused on the newborn’s health, just as much as mom’s health,” said MMH Chief Executive Officer Bob Wolleben. 
Babies can be supplied with oxygen in this enclosed clear unit without a lot of wires running over their small bodies. The top raises up and arm slots on the side allow medical personnel to provide medical care to the infant without taking the baby out of the incubator. 
If the baby does need to be transported to a tertiary Medical Center, these units will help nurses treat the preemies until they can be transported safely. “It is a great asset to have here in the facility. We will have the capability to stabilize a baby, as it gives us more control into how much air a baby gets into its lungs,” Pam Marin, RN said, Perinatal Charge Nurse. 
This unit also ensures air flow around the baby is kept at a moderate temperature, so the baby does not get too cold. The unit features a rotating mattress and bed-scale, so the baby can be cared for in one central location, without having to move the baby from one measuring device to another. It also allows doctors and nurses to move the baby easily for necessary medical testing, while causing as little stimulation as possible. Limited stimulation allows the baby to rest better, so they can began their road to recovery. 
The Infant Resuscitation System is coupled with the Incubator to allow nurses to assist the baby with breathing if necessary. The resuscitation unit can be used as a standalone device as well, if it is needed to be used in the delivery room to assist a baby moments after birth. 
“Providing the tools and equipment needed to care for patients of all ages is a priority for Massena Memorial Hospital,” said Ralene North, RN, Chief Nursing Executive.  “This system will allow our highly skilled nursery nurses to provide the highest level of care to some of our most precious patients.”