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MMH Purchases State-of-the-Art Howard HI-Care Medical Carts

December 15, 2016

Massena Memorial Hospital recently purchased and installed six new Howard HI-Care E Medical Carts for the Medical/Surgical and Intensive Care/Telemetry Units of MMH. The Howard Hi-Care E Medical carts are designed with a range of features integrated to ease workloads for nurses and other healthcare professionals, as well as to enhance patient care. Howard medical carts can be used in a variety of applications that include Charting and Electronic Medical Record, EMR, Medication Dispensing, and Nursing Education. 

    “The Howard Medical Cart utilizes Bedside Medication Verification technology,” said MMH Chief Nurse Executive Ralene North, RN, BSN. “This allows the nurse to scan the patient identification bracelet and scan the medication at the bedside in order to ensure the right patient is receiving the right medication. The carts will also allow the nurse to document real time at the patient's bedside in order to ensure accuracy of the Electronic Medical Record. We are very excited to add another tool to ensure the safety of our patients, and improve the working conditions for our staff.”

    MMH Chief Information Officer Jana Grose, who installed the medical carts along with a lot of help from the IT team, was quick to point out the numerous advantages of these carts compared to the older ones.

    “There are plenty of advantages with these new carts that help nurses do their jobs more efficiently that include scanners being up-to-date, batteries lasting longer, better wireless connectivity, faster processors, and improved auditing and access.” 

    With all of these new advantages, MMH Medical/Surgical/ICU Nursing Director Lisa Susice, MSN, RN and her nursing staff truly appreciate the simplicity and efficiency that this kind of technology brings.  

    “The new medical carts make it a lot easier on the nursing staff,” said Susice. “The design and interface of the carts is more user friendly and allows nurses to work more efficiently with larger storage space. Instead of the nurses having to make unnecessary trips for incidentals needed while performing medication administration or other commonly requested items for a patient, they can bring everything that they need in one trip.”

The Howard HI-Care provides the ultimate medical cart experience–from it’s large, adjustable work surface and unique cable management system to its near-silent, height adjustment for ideal height positioning. These carts have been engineered and designed to create the perfect balance between stability and small footprint, which allows it to be expertly maneuvered in and around the tightest spaces. In addition, the HI-Care is built for maximum durability, to withstand daily use in even the most demanding environments.   MMH invested nearly $46,000 in the new HI-Care medical carts.

The carts system was designed with hospital staff in mind, offering a range of features expressly integrated to ease workloads for clinicians and enhance patient care. Some of the benefits include:

  • Adjustable Monitor | the medical carts feature a mounting platform for the computer that allows the hospital staff to tilt and adjust the monitor easily to meet specific vision needs. The adjustable design helps the staff to prevent eye strain; the HI-Care enables you to reduce overhead glare with one simple movement, keeping eye strain to a minimum. Adjusting the monitor also facilitates easy navigation during transport times.
  • One-touch Height Adjustment | the work surface on the carts can be easily adjusted for use while sitting or standing with the simple touch of a button.
  • Ease of Movement | because of its small footprint and dual-wheel, low-friction, 360° swivel casters, the new HI-Care Carts can be moved easily, requiring only 1.5 pounds of force.
  • Wrap-Around Steering | Navigating the HI-Care cart is made easier with the 270° ergonomically-designed steering handle.
  • Security| A locking work surface secures each PC, helping to prevent theft and tampering.

Pictured Reagan Burns, RN, Massena Memorial Hospital Medical/Surgical/Pediatric Unit, is updating a patient record using the new Howard HI-Care medical carts at MMH.