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MMH PT Department Sees Significant Increase in Patients

July 16, 2019

L-R (Eileen Fregoe, PT, Physical Therapy Director, David DiSalvo, PT and Emily LaShomb, PT)

In recent months Massena Memorial Hospital’s Outpatient Physical Therapy staff have seen a significant increase in patient volumes. The number of patients has risen over twelve percent, while the number of procedures being carried out has risen twenty-five percent. 

“On average, we’re seeing between 1,200 and 1,300 patients per month for outpatient procedures,” said Eileen Fregoe, PT, Physical Therapy Director. A number of factors play a role in the recent increase, in particular the recent increase in staff. In the month of June MMH Physical Therapy welcomed two new, full-time Physical Therapists to treat patients. 

A Physical Therapist evaluates each patient during their first session and determines a treatment plan.

Following the initial appointment, the treatment plan is then carried out by the Physical Therapist Assistant; though in some cases a Physical Therapist may continue to work with a patient if it is a complex situation. 

Mrs. Fregoe stated, “Since we added David (DiSalvo) and Emily (LaShomb) we’re fully staffed again. We have five full-time physical therapists and five physical therapist assistants, three who are full-time and two who are part-time.” On staff as well is a speech therapist, as well as an occupational therapist. 

Fregoe also said that she felt having a centralized location has been a large benefit for the department and its patients as well. She said, “We used to have a location at the hospital, as well as our office here on Andrews Street. Now that everything is here (MMH Outpatient Physical Therapy), the continuity of care has improved for our patients. We are able to devote more time to their treatment as well, on average thirty-five to forty minutes now.” 

A centralized location also offers further flexibility in regards to employee scheduling and greater attention to patients. Fregoe went on to say, “With this location and our current staff we have a lot to offer the local community. We’re excited to serve them and happy to see so many utilizing our services.”

The MMH Physical Therapy Team includes Eileen Fregoe, PT, Physical Therapy Director, Matthew Hayes, PT, Assistant Director of Physical Therapy, Ruth Dowdy, PT, Emily LaShomb, PT, DPT, David DiSalvo, PT, DPT, Lisa Bresett, PTA, Shannon Colbert, PTA, Aubrey Czajkowski, PTA, Kerrie French, PTA, Dan Peacock, PTA and clerk Ashley Snyder.