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MMH Partners with Brianna Lee Foundation to Honor Lost Babies

August 07, 2017

RAINBOW BABY BEARS -- Perinatal and Emergency Department Director Tammy Mitchell, RN, BSN, holds a few of the pink and blue teddy bears the Tender Touches Birthing Center recently received to distribute to parents when their newborn child passes away.
Expecting the birth of a baby can be exciting. Parents enter the hospital expecting to leave with their family growing to include one or more tiny members. Sadly, not all parents experience such a happy ending. 
Parents are devastated when their precious baby arrives as a stillborn child or the mother experiences a miscarriage. The loss parents feel when a baby tragically passes away does not go unnoticed at MMH’s Tender Touches Birthing Center.
Rainbow babies are sometimes born stillborn, whose mothers experience a miscarriage, or the baby dies shortly after birth. Massena Memorial Hospital  is partnering with the Brianna Lee Foundation to give parents who lose their baby a pink or blue teddy bear to carry home. So “no family leaves the hospital empty-handed,” according to the Brianna Lee Foundation’s motto. 
“Although the bear will never replace the baby, it will give the mom something to hold, hug and carry out of the hospital. Through the healing process the bear will continue to be there to hug, love, hold and cry with,” the Foundation’s website explains. 
Perinatal and Emergency Room Director Tammy Mitchell, RN, MSN, explains that losing a baby is very heart-wrenching. That pain can be further compounded if a healthcare facility’s employees respond in an uncompassionate manner by not acknowledging the parent’s pain of losing their child.  “Even though you don’t have your baby you’re still a mom. We want moms to know that. These bears help the mom remember that,” Mitchell said. 
Anyone wishing to learn more about the Brianna Lee Foundation can go to the website at