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MMH Outpatient Services Continue to Grow with New Physicians

June 20, 2017

Massena Memorial Hospital officials shared an update on finances and utilization with the Board of Managers Monday evening at their monthly meeting. May resulted in a bottom line gain of $105,324 which was influenced by inpatient admissions, outpatient volumes and clinic visits. 
Chief Financial Officer Pat Facteau reported the hospital continues to care for more patients in the hospital, and our network of clinics along with our ancillary departments. The Emergency Department continues to treat over 1,400 patients a month. 
The CFO noted that new physicians recruited in the past year as well as investments in technology, equipment and improved patient relations all contributed to the positive results. Inpatient volumes are up nearly 7% with admissions compared to last year, and newborn births are trending at a 10% increase.  
MMH is experiencing tremendous growth of 11.3% in the Outreach Clinics this year. Outpatient activity compared to last year saw growth of nearly 1,300 more outpatient registrations.  The Louisville Family Health Center is up 29% over last year with the addition of Dr. Myo Win to the practice. The Medical Group, Surgical Group and North Country Women’s Health are all treating over 25% more patients this year. Massena Neurology is up 14%, Cardiology is up 13% and the Walk-In Clinic is up 9% this year. Year to date the MMH’s North Country Family Network of Clinics have treated 15,745 patients for the first five months of the year. Facteau noted this continued growth is due to the additional physicians recruited in 2016.
 “We believe we will continue to see improvement throughout the year as the physician practices continue to mature and should be reflected in overall hospital volumes,” Facteau said. “The Medical Group has added same day and next day appointments in their daily patient schedules which has resulted in the persistent growth.”
“May was a very busy month with activities with National Hospital and Nurses Week. Additionally our Foundation did a great job raising over $25,000 to purchase new equipment for a surgeon who is joining our medical team this summer. 
“In August, Massena Memorial Hospital is proud to tell the community that a board certified Otolaryngologist- Head and Neck, Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon will be joining the hospital’s surgical team.  With the addition of this new surgeon, it brings a new service of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Otolaryngology for the MMH community and all of the North Country,” said Bob Wolleben, Chief Executive Officer.
“We continue  to work on financial permanence, as we have said throughout, the healthcare industry is in flux and things beyond our control can impact our bottom line with no advance warning or notice. This is more evident today because of the issues being discussed at both the state and federal levels regarding healthcare,” Wolleben said. “Despite the challenges that pop-up every day, we are making real progress on this front as evidenced by the growing number of patients we serve both in the hospital and our outreach clinics. Additionally, our most recent patient experience results reported to us by our survey group Press Ganey shows that we are doing a much better job anticipating our patient’s needs and responding to them.”
 “We continue to focus as a team on the future to ensure MMH is a place where patients want to come, physicians want to practice, our employees want to work and of course our community chooses for their medical and healthcare,” Wolleben added.