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MMH Nurses Train with New Infusion Pump System

June 20, 2019

(Valerie Skomsky, RN, Surgical Services/Endoscopy/CSR Director, trains with Braun representatives at Massena Memorial Hospital)

Registered Nurses at Massena Memorial Hospital recently completed training on brand new, Braun Space Infusion IV Pump Systems.
“Massena Memorial Hospital is proud to the bring state of the art Braun Space Infusion IV Pump Systems to our facility. Our patients will benefit from this fully integrated system by allowing clinicians to meet compliance with the drug library, minimize infusion-related medication errors and reduce unnecessary alarms,” stated Deborah Cameron, RN, Nursing Director- Medical/Surgical Unit and Intensive Care Unit. 

Representatives with Braun Medical Inc. of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania were on site for two days to conduct the training. Patients of MMH are already using the new systems, following the recent implementation within the Medical/Surgical Unit, Intensive Care Unit, Emergency Department and Maternity Unit. 

When administering medication, safety is paramount. In the case of the new Braun Space Infusion IV Pump Systems, built in libraries ensure correct dosages for patients. Clinical Pharmacist Ashli Buddenhagen, Pharm D, BCPS, stated, “I worked with Braun to program and coordinate the drug library for MMH. We have built preset defaults (such as how long the mediations are run, what doses can be given,) for individual medications to ensure safety. We can also view real time alerts, alarms and active infusions right from the pharmacy.” 

Following the implementation of the new pump systems, members of the Intensive Care Unit also received hands on training with the pharmacist. “We also helped with hands on assistance in the ICU to ensure optimal use, such as being able to lock the pump so the settings cannot be changed in error,” Buddenhagen continued. 

With this significant investment, MMH continues to strive for improved patient care. The purchase of sixty-four pumps have a direct impact on all patient units within the hospital, ensuring that patients receive the highest quality health care possible while following the latest guidelines on safety.