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MMH Moves Forward with Significant Changes to Hospitalist Program

June 13, 2019

Front Row: Dr. Sanjeev Gupta, Dr. Mukta Gupta, Dr. Wai Phyoe Kyaw, Dr. Nargish Akhter, Dr. Myo Win. Back Row: Dr. Jayant Jhaveri, Julie Zyzik- Chief Compliance Officer, Dr. Matthew Prionas, Dr. Rohit Barreto, Dr. Romith Naug, Dr. Ammar Kafa, Dr. Joanne Cichetti, Dr. Nimesh Desai, Dr. Birinder Singh- Chief of Medicine. The Hospitalist Team includes Dr. Kyaw, Dr. Akhter, Dr. Naug and Dr. Kafa.

Massena Memorial Hospital is pleased to announce their partnership with Delphi Healthcare for their Hospitalist Program. “We are making changes to streamline the process and improve patient care,” stated Dr. Birinder Singh, Chief of Medicine and Director of the Hospitalist Program. 

A Hospitalist is a physician who provides care to patients while they are in the hospital. “Hospitalists care for patients who are admitted and work closely with the patients’ primary care physicians,” stated Dr. Singh. 

The job of a hospitalist entails coordinating a patient’s care while hospitalized and post-discharge. Hospitalists strive to ensure continuity of care for the hospitalized patient, often communicating with the patient’s primary care provider. The Hospitalist collaborates and consults with other members of the healthcare team in meeting all the needs of the patient. Apart from stabilizing a patient and managing the patient’s health, a Hospitalist seeks appropriate consults as needed.

Following the discharge of the patient, the Hospitalist will forward their findings to the primary care physician with an explanation for the course of treatment, as well as any changes to the prescribed medicines, if necessary.

Dr. Singh, Chief of Medicine at MMH, was assigned the role of Director for the Hospitalist Program. He said, “I monitor the program to guarantee optimal performance and to ensure everything functions smoothly. From the time the patient is admitted, to well after their discharge, I ensure the Hospitalists offer the highest quality of care.” Under his supervision, the Hospitalist Program has used the most up to date care, following guideline based clinical pathways that utilize research from larger hospitals. 

Dr. Singh went on to say, “A patient’s experience with the hospital begins when they first set foot in the hospital and continues well through their discharge, when they follow up with their primary care physician. Every patient deserves the absolute best quality of care possible, and MMH is here to facilitate that with our Hospitalist Program.”