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MMH Focus is on Improving Care of the Most Serious Ill in a Rural Setting

March 29, 2017

NYS DOH Released Hospital Sepsis Care Study, Recognizing MMH for their Commitment to Improving Patient Care

Massena Memorial Hospital officials received notification today of the New York State Department of Health report on Sepsis Care Improvement Initiative: Hospital Quality Performance, demonstrating MMH has achieved a consistent reduction in sepsis rates, resulting  in significant improvements in patient outcomes. 
The NYSDOH report released shows that Massena Memorial Hospital is making significant progress in hospital sepsis care.
“We have used technology available to us to automate processes to improve patient safety and compliance with protocols set for us by CMS and medical experts ,” said Chief Nurse Executive Ralene North, R.N. “MMH is  a high performer because we recognize from the start that a patient is septic and initiate recommended care protocols promptly.”
Massena Memorial Hospital is committed to improving early recognition and treatment of patients with severe sepsis and septic shock treated in the Emergency Department or admitted to the hospital. Since 2013, Massena Memorial Hospital has reduced sepsis mortality and improved our delivery of the recommended care by using evidence based initiatives. Through the efforts of physicians, nurses and the entire care team MMH has:
•    Developed a multidisciplinary clinical team to include physician champions, Medical/Surgical and Emergency nurses, Information Technology, Infection Control and Laboratory personnel focusing on early identification and treatment of patients with sepsis
•    Provided in depth 1:1 and group education sessions  for clinicians through postings, tools and uniform care protocols
•    Developed a transition program
•    Update Policy & Procedures to provide Hand-off tools and computer assisted prompts to care givers through the electronic medical record
“Massena Memorial Hospital is proud of our participation in this groundbreaking initiative, which is making important contributions to the body of knowledge on how to deal with sepsis. We never forget that our efforts make a difference for patient care and outcomes,” said Chief Executive Officer Bob Wolleben. “The report shows MMH performs better than comparable hospitals in recognizing and treating patients with sepsis. Our focus is on patient safety and this report reflects the great team of doctors and professional staff at MMH.”
Sepsis is a complication caused by the body’s overwhelming and life-threatening response to infection, which can lead to tissue damage, organ failure, and death. It is difficult to predict, diagnose, and treat. Patients who develop sepsis have an increased risk of complications and death and face higher healthcare costs and longer treatment.
“Our hospital leadership makes safety a priority for patients, visitors and staff every day through creating a culture that is practiced every day.  Representatives from every department gather in a safety huddle every day for a few minutes to assure safety measures are promoted and assure all is done to keep everyone safe,” said Performance Improvement and Risk Management Director Judy Tubolino, RN, MSCHA.
“Our staff has completed a Safety Culture survey and MMH team members participate and drive the improvement initiative. A direct outgrowth of this team is the focus on improving   Hand-off of patients improving communication between departments each time a patient moves  from one area to the next or is discharged from our hospital,” Tubolino added.
The Sepsis Protocol Committee comprised of doctors, nurses and technicians has integrated the Hand Off improvement processes in the care of septic patients.. This ensures every caregiver has the most up to date essential information, clearly communicated for the care of the patient, which is the goal of the team driven process.
The MMH Sepsis Team includes: Dr. Andre Bonnet, ER Director, Dr. John Burnett, Chief of Medicine, Ralene North, CNO, Michelle Souchia, RN, Medical/Surgical/Pediatric Unit, Megan Carr, RN, Emergency Room, Karen Wilkins, RN, Infection Control, Judy Tubolino, RN, Risk Management and Performance Improvement Director, Marilyn Carr, RN, Information Technology, and Tina Hatch, MT, Laboratory Director.
     “We continue to focus as a team on the future to ensure MMH is a place where patients want to come, physicians want to practice, our employees want to work and of course our community chooses for their medical and healthcare,” Wolleben added.

MMH SEPSIS PROTOCOL COMMITTEE— (pictured from left to right) Dr. John Burnett, Chief of Medicine, Megan Carr, RN, Emergency Room, Judy Tubolino, RN, Risk Management and Performance Improvement Director,  and Marilyn Carr, RN, Information Technology. Members of the team not pictured are Dr. Andre Bonnet, ER Director, Ralene North, CNO, Michelle Souchia, RN, Medical/Surgical/Pediatric Unit, and Tina Hatch, MT, Laboratory Director.