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MMH Enhances Patient Safety with Masimo System

February 01, 2017

Massena Memorial Hospital has installed a state-of-the-art patient safety net system. This system the Masimo Patient Safety Net is a remote monitoring and clinician notification system which displays real-time information from any connected Masimo device at the central station and allows for alarms and alerts from the patient bedside devices to be sent directly to the nurses and central station. 

This new system includes 27 Masimo Root Vital Signs Monitors for the Medical-Surgical/Pediatric Unit.  MMH is the first hospital in St. Lawrence County to have the Masimo Patient Safety-Net System and the first in New York State to install the Masimo Root Vital Signs Monitoring system with the capability to interface directly with the electronic medical record.  

“At MMH we are committed to providing safe, high quality patient care,” said MMH Chief Executive Officer Bob Wolleben. “Installing the Massimo Vital Monitoring System is one of several steps we are taking to that goal.”

This patient monitoring system allows for alarms and alerts from the patient bedside devices to be sent directly to clinicians via pager or third party gateway to IP phones. Root integrates multiple streams of data and simplifies patient care workflows, empowering caregivers to help make quick patient assessments throughout the continuum of care.

“The Masimo vital sign monitoring system provides many benefits to the patients and staff of the Medical/Surgical/Pediatric unit,” said Lisa Susice, MSN, RN ICU/Med-Surg/Pediatric Nursing Director. “Perhaps one of the biggest advantages is the time-saving feature of heart rate, temperature, blood pressure, breathing rate, and oxygen saturation values being wirelessly transmitted directly into the patient electronic record.

This system integration will save many steps for staff that have previously had to manually transcribe the information from the vital sign machine to a paper record then eventually key it into the electronic record.  Additionally, staff is able to have a quick, real-time glance at each connected patient's pulse, respirations, and oxygen saturation from monitors strategically placed throughout the floor.”

Bio-Medical Engineer Matt Martin, MMH Chief Information Officer Jana Grose, and her Information Technology staff helped to setup the monitors interface, scheduling features, and upload the nurses’ workload into the Vital Signs System. The IT Department connected the Masimo with the hospital’s current information system, Meditech, so nurses could bring up information from Meditech to the Masimo monitors.

Chief Nursing Officer Ralene North, RN, noted patient safety is the top priority at the hospital and technology like Masimo will help improve patient safety. “We are excited to invest in this technology that will keep our patients safe and will improve the working conditions of our nurses,” said North. ” The less time a nurse spends entering data into the system, the more time that can be spent at the patient bedside attending to the personal and educational needs of our patients.”

MMH invested over $82,000 in bringing the Masimo Patient Safety Net on line. This investment demonstrates MMH’s focus and commitment to the patient’s safety and experience. “By committing to the latest technology, we give every patient the opportunity to receive state-of-the-art care right here in Massena,” Wolleben added.