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February 01, 2017

Progress Report

In 2016, Massena Memorial Hospital underwent many positive changes throughout the organization. New physicians joined the MMH medical team, new medical equipment was installed, and the citizens of Massena continued to choose MMH for their healthcare needs.

MMH finished 2016 with a net gain of $1,349,277, which is 7.6 percent ahead of what they expected at the beginning of the year. For the year, the hospital discharged 2,229 patients and total outpatient registrations were 118,545. A large number of the total outpatient registrations came from the outreach clinics with over 34,000 patient registrations. MMH finished 2016 with more people coming to the emergency room of over 16,000. There are 16 staff members that work in registration at the hospital and between walk in appointments and emergency room patients; the department registers around 300 patients every day.

“We are pleased that 2016 was a second straight year in which MMH made progress to financial permanence,” said MMH Chief Executive Officer Bob Wolleben. “Our results are due to the combined efforts of our talented physicians, advanced practice providers, nurses and staff who went above and beyond on a regular basis to make MMH a great place for patients.”

New Physicians, Programs and Staff

“Our efforts to meet our community’s health care needs continue to be focused on recruiting talented physicians to our community - 14 in 2016 alone. But we also know great clinical care is made better by a dedication to patient focused care. We have committed the entire organization to improving each patient's experience,” said Wolleben. “Our growth in volume is a direct result of our recruitment and patient experience efforts. We are working hard every day to become your trusted health care provider in Northern St. Lawrence County.”

At the MMH Surgical Group and Wound Care Center, General Surgeon Dr. Dalkeith Facey joined Dr. Sanjay Shah. Dr. Facey specializes in General Surgery, Minimal Invasive Surgery, Upper Endoscopy and Colonoscopy.

Tina Hatch was promoted to the Administrative Director of Laboratory Services in June. Hatch oversees a staff of 25 people (three clerical, seven phlebotomy, and 15 medical laboratory technologists). The MMH laboratory performed over 700,000 tests in the Histopathology, Microbiology, Transfusion Services, Serology, Coagulation, Urinalysis, Hematology, and Chemistry departments in 2016. 

Erika Thompson, Registered Physician Assistant, transferred from the Cardiology Clinic to the Brasher Falls Family Health Center. Thompson, licensed practical nurse Charlotte Gray, and clerk Alex Martin provide primary care to the surrounding community in an efficient, friendly, and professional manner. Recently, a new internal medicine physician, Myo Su Win, MD, joined the Brasher Falls and Louisville Family Health Center team to help provide care.

Family medicine doctors Rohit Barreto, M.D. and Matthew Prionas, M.D.,  joined the MMH Medical Group that includes another family medicine doctor, Ammar Kafa, M.D., and physician assistant Cassandra LaShomb. Both Dr. Barreto and Dr. Prionas provide care at the MMH Medical Group and in the MMH Walk-In Clinic during the week.

In 2016, MMH hired a full time American Board Certified Cardiologist in Aderonke Adeniyi, M.D., to join the Cardiology Clinic. Dr. Adeniyi is American Board Certified in Cardiology and Echocardiography. Recently, the Outreach Cardiology Clinic relocated to the 3rd floor, as the hospital expands its Cardiology Services with Echocardiography, EKG and Holter Monitoring in once place for the convenience of the patients. Additionally, Erika Thompson, PA, will also be rejoining the Cardiology Team on a part time basis working with Dr. Adeniyi. MMH also hired a new OB/GYN Jeffrey Greenberg who joins OB/GYN Dr. Emmanuel Nwogu and Certified Nurse Midwife Barbara Hillis at the North County Women’s Health Clinic. 

Lisa Susice, RN, joined the hospital team as the ICU/Medical-Surgical/Pediatrics unit Nursing Director. Susice oversees a staff of 38 in the Medical/Surgical section (29 RN’s, LPN, and eight CNA’s). The unit provided care to 2,837 patients in 2016 and provides care to people of all ages, except newborns. In ICU and Telemetry, Susice oversees 17 RN’s and the MMH 4-bed Intensive Care Unit also has room for nine telemetry patients.  ICU beds are reserved for the most critically ill patients requiring in-house care. The ICU and Telemetry departments are able to provide stellar care to the patients with a smaller patient-to-nurse ratio.  This is because the patients admitted to these units tend to be more acutely ill and require closer attention.

In the ASU/Surgical Unit, Director of Surgical Services Val Skomsky noted Surgical Services has seen a lot of growth with the surgeons on staff. Additionally, Dr. Jahangir Hossen joined the Surgical Teams as the new Chief of Anesthesia.  

New Equipment 

Along with investing in new physicians, MMH invested in new technology as well that will further improve the image of Massena Memorial Hospital to the surrounding community. 

In Surgical Services, the Olympus 4-K Video System was installed. The 4-K Video system provides four times the amount of resolution then full high definition. This technology creates a panoramic view for the whole Surgical Team with optimal viewing distance and wide viewing angle. Also, 4-K technology enables clearer recognition of human tissue and instruments in the body cavity. 

To make medical record keeping easier, MMH installed Speech Recognition software. The software provides ease of documenting the increases the amount of patient documentation physicians is able to provide care for in a day. 

In 2016, lab services purchased two new hematology analyzers that perform CBC, automated differentials, reticoulocyte counts, and baby fluid analysis that includes cerebral spinal fluid. In the Respiratory Therapy unit, Brittany Rowe, RT, and her staff received upgrades to their pulmonary function testing machines. These systems provide more accurate testing and improved standards. 

At MMH employees are constantly trying to find ways to promote and execute better safety procedures at their facilities. MMH has purchased a system that will in fact help their facility better serve and protect their patients.

The Patient Wandering System, Intensive Care Roam Alert, was installed on the First Floor and is used mainly in the Intensive Care, ICU, and Telemetry units of MMH.  The hospital Auxiliary donated the funds to purchase this nearly $12,000 system. It offers a solution for wander prevention to protect patients when and where they need it. For patients, it is a simple soft bracelet on the wrist, and it allows the nursing unit to ensure the patient’s safety. This system may be used for an Alzheimer’s patient, drug overdose, and more. 

At the end of 2016 and into the early part of this year, MMH purchased and installed 27 new Masimo Root Vital Signs Monitors is a global medical technology company that develops and manufactures innovative noninvasive patient monitoring technologies, including medical devices and a wide array of sensors. A key medical technology innovator, Masimo is responsible for the invention of award-winning noninvasive technologies that are revolutionizing patient monitoring.

“Throughout MMH we have made strategic investments in technology so that our staff can provide the safest care possible to our community,” said Wolleben. “MMH has first in the county technologies like 4-K Operating Room imaging, Emergency Wait time mobile apps and automated Vital Sign monitoring. By committing to the latest technology we give every patient the opportunity to receive state of the art care right here in Massena.”

New Technology

MMH continues to invest in technology and upgrades to its information technology systems. The hospital’s board of managers approved the five-year spending plan, which CEO Wolleben said will improve security, patient care and the hospital’s ability to collaborate with neighboring medical facilities. “We are making major investments in IT improvements to improve the care of patients and improve security,” he said. “We view this as a really important part of making sure our patient care is advanced.” Of the approximately $1.5 million approved by the board, about $380,000 will be used to upgrade the hospital’s medical imaging software.

Moving away from traditional film imaging, the hospital will begin using software from Fuji and VidiStar to bring all medical images onto digital platforms, allowing physicians to access X-rays, mammograms, ultrasounds and other images securely.

Additional money will be used to enter a five-year contract with CloudWave, a health care IT company that provides hospitals and other medical facilities with server space in the cloud. Not only moving to the cloud allows Massena Memorial to communicate better internally, but it will also prime the hospital for better region wide collaboration, Wolleben said.

Special Recognition/Achievements 

In 2016, a number MMH staff members earned special certifications and accomplished career milestones. In the Medical Imaging Unit, Tyler Belleau was named the 2016 St. Lawrence Radiology Medical Imaging Technologist of the Year. Belleau, along with Susan Mackey, obtained their national certification as a Registered Computerized Tomography Technologist through the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. LPN’s Bethany Yeddo, Josh Blanchard, and Chelsea Anson, are currently obtaining their Chronic Care Manager Certifications. Debby Lynch is also obtaining her EKG certification. 

MMH’s Tender Touches Birthing Center received the Blue Distinction Center for Maternity Care recognition. In an effort to help prospective parents find hospitals that deliver quality, affordable maternity care, Excellus BlueCross BlueShield announced that MMH has been designated as one of the first hospitals to receive the Blue Distinction Center for Maternity Care designation, a new designation under the Blue Distinction Specialty Care program.

“The dedicated team of caring, experienced and knowledgeable nursing staff along compassionate and qualified providers ensures that each patient, their family, and the newborn are given top of the line care that creates positive outcomes for everyone.  I am proud to have a team that works so hard to provide the best outcomes for the new families that choose MMH for this unforgettable time in their lives,” said Tammy Sue Mitchell, RN, Perinatal Services Director.

MMH is currently undergoing PCMH (Patient Cent Medical Home) certification in the five Primary Care Provider clinics. With the PCMH Certification in process, it will improve the quality of patient care at MMH.