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MMH Celebrates National Healthcare Environmental Services Week

September 12, 2019

Healthcare organizations celebrate National Healthcare Environmental Services Week annually to recognize the hardworking individuals who maintain and improve their facilities. This year, National Healthcare Environmental Services Week is from September 8th to 14th. Massena Memorial Hospital’s Housekeeping and Maintenance Departments play a crucial role in ensuring optimal performance and the appearance of the hospital and its outreach centers. 

MMH’s Housekeeping Department consists of 18 staff members, 10 housekeepers and eight janitors, who work around the clock to upkeep the facility. Some of the many day-to-day responsibilities of these individuals include vacuuming, cleaning, waste removal, moving furniture and boxes, stripping and waxing floors, lawn care or snow removal, and preparing venues for meetings and events. MMH’s housekeepers and janitors also help maintain patient safety by responding to fire alarms, taking supplies to providers and clinics whenever needed, and serving as the hospital’s security. 

Kelly LaBrake, Supervisor of Housekeeping, said, “The hospital’s housekeepers and janitors are hardworking and take great pride in their work. There might only be 18 of them, but they do a wonderful job with maintaining the cleanliness and appearance of the hospital and all of our clinics. Their ability to work as a team as well as with other departments is why we have such a wonderful hospital. MMH is very lucky to have our housekeeping staff.”

Jon Catton, Director of Maintenance, also praised his crew for all their hard work and dedication to maintaining the facility. He said, “The boys are pretty task-oriented. I can send them out to complete a task and they get it done. They work hard and put in way more than 8-hours every day. Our maintenance workers are here for call-ins in the middle of the night and cover jobs and major issues each day. We never know what we will encounter from day-to-day, but even with a small team they are ready for all hands on deck, whenever that may be.”

MMH’s maintenance staff has many responsibilities. They take care of the air conditioning, chillers, heating, boiler, electrical, plumbing, and hospital equipment. Shawn Kellogg, Maintenance Worker, said, “We practice preventative maintenance at MMH to ensure that all of the hospital’s equipment, doors and fire alarms are working properly. We also focus on patient safety by measuring air quality and making sure that the operating rooms are sterile.” When new construction projects are necessary, maintenance is involved in those as well.

Pat Facteau, Chief Financial Officer, said, “Our maintenance and housekeeping staff members do a great job. They really hold this place together. Even though Massena Memorial Hospital is an older hospital, it certainly does not look old.”