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Lorenc Named MMH ER Medical Director

September 17, 2019

Jason Lorenc, MD, has been named MMH Medical Director of Emergency Services.

Massena Memorial Hospital Chief Executive Officer Dave Bender is pleased to announce MMH will partner with St. Lawrence Health System in providing the Emergency Department staffing of physicians. 

Jason Lorenc, MD, has been named Medical Director to lead the physician clinical team. Lorenc completed his Doctorate of Medicine at the State University of New York at Bufflalo. Following his graduation from medical school, Lorenc completed his residency in Emergency Medicine at Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, Pennsylvania. His is American Board Certified in Emergency Medicine. 

The ED Physician team includes Jason Lorenc, MD, Jeffrey Shoub, MD, Brandon Roberts, MD, Mikhail Leykin, DO, Julie Vieth, MD, Ryan Coates, DO, Justin Mackinnon, MD, Frederick Laporte, MD, Tiffany Bombard, MD, Matthew Morgan, DO, Don Frankel, MD, Wayne Abrahams, MD and Derek Kennedy, MD. .

What does this role entail for you? 
Lorenc: “I will be the Medical Director of the ER and be working some clinical shifts. The primary thing I want to do first is to learn the processes, flow and inner workings of the department. I’m also an Assistant Level Director at both CPH and Governeur Hospitals, which includes their acute care and after hours clinics as well.”

What kind of changes do you expect to make? 
Lorenc: “The most significant changes people will see are familiar faces. Right now, we have five doctors who will work at both CPH and MMH. They are all credentialed at both hospitals, will work in both ERs and help co-ordinate patient care to ensure the best quality of care possible.”

What do you hope to achieve as the Director of Emergency Services at MMH? 
Lorenc: “More than anything, I want to restore the community’s trust in the ER Department here at Massena Hospital”.

What skills do you bring to the department that will contribute to future changes? 
Lorenc: “I have been an ER Medical Director for 14 years and was actually at Governeur when SLHS took over. During that time, I oversaw the department as we transitioned from a four bed ER to an 8 bed ER. We saw the changes take place and Governeur became a profitable entity under SLHS.”

“This partnership for our ER is one example of an opportunity where we are sharing expertise and improving our quality of care,” said Bender.