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HUCs Provide Support Everyday, Around the Clock

September 06, 2017

Health Unit Coordinators (HUCs) keep clinical units at Massena Memorial Hospital running smoothly.  MMH’s 17 HUCs provide direct clerical support to the nursing staff in the Emergency Department, Medical/Surgical and Pediatrics Wing, Intensive Care Unit, Telemetry, Ambulatory Surgery Unit, and Tender Touches Birthing Center. 
When hospitals experienced a shortage of nurses during World War II, a HUC position was created to support the healthcare teams. This allowed nurses to deliver more direct care to the patients rather than handle administrative tasks.  MMH proudly recognizes their service and dedication to our patients through their efficient and organized work ethic of the MMH HUC Team. 
Members of the MMH HUC Team include: Jean Antwine, Jaime D’Addario, Tina Debien, Brenda Francis, Kristy Francis, Ian Frederick, Victoria Hamilton, Lisa Hillard, Melissa Huddleston, Pat Kenyon, Tammy Kirkey, Candace Mattice, Angela Maxwell, Lisa Rotonde, Carol Smith, Mytha Smith, Brandi Weaver and  Elaine Gange, HUC Coordinator.
HUCs process patient admissions, discharge and transfer paperwork; abide by strict confidentiality rights; maintain department statistics; update the hospital’s registration department regarding the number of vacant beds in their departments and coordinate medical imaging testing or other patient appointments. MMH HUCs are staffed for every shift at the hospital to cover non-clinical assignments for nurses 24 hours a day. 
“Without these employees our medical units would not run as smoothly as they do. Their skills and attention to detail confirm that MMH’s patients next medical procedure, a change to their diet restrictions or medical records are kept up to date. This allows our healthcare team to provide the best care possible,” said Elaine Gagner, HUC Coordinator. 
MMH ICU/Med-Surg/Pediatric Nursing Director Lisa Susice, MSN, RN, pointed out that all nurses are trained and capable of processing the paperwork regarding a patient’s care. HUCs are able to handle those responsibilities, so nurses can tend to the patient’s healthcare needs. 
“If there were not HUCs on the unit to keep the paperwork under control and coordinated it would take the nurses away from the bedside, which is definitely not in the best interest of patient care,” Susice said.