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Emily LaShomb, PT, DPT, Joins MMH Physical Therapy

July 11, 2019

Eileen Fregoe, PT, Director of Physical Therapy, and Emily LaShomb, PT, DPT

Massena Memorial Hospital is pleased to announce that Emily LaShomb, PT, DPT, has joined the MMH Physical Therapy staff with Ruth Dowdy, PT, David DiSalvo, PT, DPT, Matthew Hayes, PT, Assistant Director of Physical Therapy, Eileen Fregoe, PT, Director of Physical Therapy, Lisa Bresett, PTA, Shannon Colbert, PTA, Aubrey Czajkowski, PTA, Kerrie French, PTA, and Dan Peacock, PTA. 

LaShomb comes to Massena Memorial Hospital with over nine years of experience and a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Clarkson University. Eileen Fregoe, PT, Director of Physical Therapy, said, “Emily has worked at Highland Nursing Home and Albany Medical Center for several years. Her experience from these facilities has provided her with the opportunity to treat patients with diverse needs and helps tremendously on the inpatient side. She fits in very well with the team and is a great asset. She will have a significant impact on our patients and department.” 

When interviewed, LaShomb talked about why she chose Massena Memorial Hospital and what skills she brings as a physical therapist. 

Why did you choose Massena Memorial Hospital?

LaShomb: “Before joining the MMH Physical Therapy team, I was at Highland Nursing Home. When I saw that MMH was hiring, I could not resist the great opportunity. I had heard that MMH Physical Therapy has a great team, and I have already found this to be true.”  

Why should someone needing physical therapy choose you?

LaShomb: “I come to the [MMH Physical Therapy] team with nine years of experience and have provided care to patients with diverse needs. At Albany Medical Center, I worked with inpatients and provided rehabilitative care. I also have extensive experience with geriatric patients.”

What is the most important thing to you in providing care to patients?

LaShomb: “The most important thing to me in providing care to patients is making it personalized. I can truly help my patients by listening to them to find out what helps and focusing on those areas.” 

Emily LaShomb will provide physical therapy and rehabilitative care to patients at MMH Outpatient Physical Therapy at 269 Andrews Street, Massena. For more information about MMH’s Physical Therapy services, please call (315)769-9908 or visit the following link: