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David DiSalvo, PT, DPT, Joins MMH Physical Therapy

July 11, 2019

Eileen Fregoe, PT, Director of Physical Therapy, and David DiSalvo, PT, DPT

Massena Memorial Hospital would like to announce that David DiSalvo PT, DPT, has joined the MMH Physical Therapy staff with Ruth Dowdy, PT, Emily LaShomb, PT, DPT, Matthew Hayes, PT, Assistant Director of Physical Therapy, Eileen Fregoe, PT, Director of Physical Therapy, Lisa Bresett, PTA, Shannon Colbert, PTA, Aubrey Czajkowski, PTA, Kerrie French, PTA, and Dan Peacock, PTA.  

Before joining the MMH Physical Therapy team, DiSalvo earned his Doctorate degree from Clarkson University as a Merit Scholar. From 2013-2015, DiSalvo attended Oswego State University where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Biology achieving the honor of President’s List. DiSalvo also has multiple years of clinical experience as a physical therapist assistant since he earned his Associate’s degree in May 2012. 

Eileen Fregoe, PT, Director of Physical Therapy, said, “David’s background as a physical therapist assistant and Clarkson Graduate provide him with a great knowledge base and experience. He also has extensive experience in providing care to patients for concussion management. David brings new ideas and perspectives to the practice that will help us continually improve our care.” 

When interviewed, DiSalvo talked about why he chose Massena Memorial Hospital and what skills he brings as a physical therapist.

Why did you choose Massena Memorial Hospital?

DiSalvo: “I chose Massena Memorial Hospital because I am relatively new to the North Country area, and I have personally witnessed and felt the love and support of the North Country community members. Being from a larger city, I have quickly come to realize that the warmth of living in a smaller community has been more than welcoming to my family and I. Another reason I chose to work at MMH is that the hospital provides client-centered care to each and every client. The rehabilitation team works as a unit in providing the best care for the community they serve. I have wanted to work in a facility that takes pride in the services they provide; I am proud to be a member of this team.”

Why should someone needing physical therapy choose you?

DiSalvo: “A patient should choose to receive physical therapy services from me for a few reasons, one reason being how I integrate evidence based practices into all of the services I provide. This includes implementing evidence-based evaluation tools, techniques, and treatment parameters that are catered to each individual that I work with. I am constantly monitoring my patients and modifying their exercise or treatment programs as needed in the clinic and for their home exercise programs. This ensures they are receiving the most appropriate and up to date interventions to progress them towards meeting their own personal goals. Through my education and past clinical experience, I have gained a strong understanding of the patient perspective and in understanding their needs. My approach to therapy is to make sure all of my clients’ needs and goals are met to the best of my ability. In order to understand their needs and wants, they must be made a team member. They are an intricate member of the team; they are the leader in the rehab process. Lastly, I am always looking to improve myself and those around me. Being a new member on this team at MMH, I hope to assist in advancing the development of the Physical Therapy Department and gain the support and trust of the community in providing excellent service.”

What is the most important thing to you in providing care to patients?

DiSalvo: “The most important aspect of providing patient care to me is patient empowerment.  On average, a typical outpatient physical therapy department sees a patient for 1-3 hours per week depending on the diagnosis and care plan. This is approximately 1-2 percent of the entire week. These statistics enforce why I value active participation from each of my patients. It is also important for my patients to realize that progress in therapy comes from the time and effort that is put in during treatment with the therapist, as well as the time and effort put in outside of treatment. I encourage positive thinking and patient autonomy. The physical injury can be viewed as half of the battle, where individuals do not realize that the other half is the psychosocial component. At times, this can be the more difficult component to cope with rather than the physical injury itself. Therefore, creating and embracing a supportive environment where the patient believes in themselves produces a greater effort of patient participation leading to the best quality of life for the patient.”

David DiSalvo will provide physical therapy and rehabilitative care to patients at MMH Outpatient Physical Therapy at 269 Andrews Street, Massena. For more information about MMH’s Physical Therapy services, please call (315)769-9908 or visit the following link: