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Board of Managers Elect Officers

February 05, 2019

Massena Memorial Hospital Board of Managers, BOM, met today in a special emergency meeting to elect a Chairperson and Secretary. The meeting was held to fill the vacancy positions of the BOM Executive Committee.
The BOM Nomination Committee presented their recommendations to the vacancies of the chair and secretary of the board due to the recent unexpected turnovers. Carol Fenton was elected as Chairperson and Lenore Levine was elected as Secretary.  Dave MacLennan is the Vice-Chairperson of the board.
“I am looking forward to working with the town and medical community to advance the process of affiliation and maintaining our community hospital,” said Fenton.
Additionally, Chuck Gijanto, Chief Executive Officer, updated the board about the New York State Department of Health Statewide II Health Care Facility Transformation Program grants. 
“The latest round of grants was announced this morning by the NYS Department of Health.  I am reporting today that MMH did not receive the grant funding we had sought.  The good news is that there is another round of funding being made immediately available with about $300 million that will be awarded in May,” Gijanto said
MMH was notified from the Healthcare Association of New York State, HANYS, in regards to the next phase of the grants. HANYS noted there is an additional statewide capital program remaining, Statewide III, a $525 million program authorized as part of last year's 2018-2019 state budget.
This year's state executive budget allows up to $300 million from Statewide III's $525 million to be awarded by May 1 using existing Statewide II applications that went unfunded in today's release such as MMH.  The remaining $225 million from Statewide III would require new applications.