Letter received July 19, 2010

 "I was a patient at your facility from July 6-9. I was admitted through the emergency room by the rescue squad. I was treated in the ER by several professionals. Dr. St. Pierre diagnosed me with pneumonia and I was admitted under the care of my family physician Dr. Desai. Dr. St. Pierre is a wonderful physician.

I can't speak highly enough of the wonderful care I received. The nurses, respiratory therapists, CNAs, lab techs, housekeeping and the food delivery service was top-notch. Even the maintenance man who came to straighten out the TV after I messed it up deserves mention." 

Although everyone of your staff were courteous, professional and caring, one nurse that stands out in my mind. Her name is Jocelyn, she went the extra mile for me when I was in pain. Other nurses, including Emily were very proficient. Katie and Renee were skillful and very good at their jobs, and looking to keep you comfortable. I was especially impressed with the way  they interacted with my first roommate, who had Alzheimer's disease. Thomas, the young man from respiratory therapy was very skilled at his job and made me very comfortable. I know that I have forgotten some people, but these are the ones who stood out, and whose names I can remember. Another thing I noticed, no one was grouchy or irritable. They all seem rather happy and glad to be there to help you out.

Last but certainly not least, I actually enjoyed the food. Some of the chicken dishes were worthy of a fine restaurant. Hot food was hot and cold food cold. It was presented in a nice manner, and you weren't rushed. The food service people are exceptional.

All in all, my experience with your facility was just perfect."

- name withheld for patient confidentiality 




 "I have always been treated with care and respect at Massena Memorial Hospital's Emergency Department...Your doctor and staff saved my life when I had a heart attack...another time when I had a GI bleed. My family and I have had many other great experiences and care with the MMH Family. Thank you!"

- name withheld for patient confidentiality 



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