Hatch Steps Into MMH Laboratory Director Role

Tina Hatch, a long time employee of Massena Memorial Hospital, 28 years to be exact, has climbed the organizational ladder to one of the highest positions in the Lab.
Earlier this June, Hatch was promoted to the Administrative Director of Laboratory Services at MMH after working the past 28 years in the laboratory as a bench technician. Hatch is taking over for Kevin Ward who was an employee of MMH for nearly 35 years and was the medical laboratory director for the past 14. Hatch began her new role on June 17. 
Senior Director of Practice Management and Ancillary Services of MMH, Mark Brouillette, was one of the first people to speak highly on Hatch’s promotion.
“I am really pleased that Tina Hatch has been awarded the position of Director of Laboratory Service after our Pathologists, laboratory employees, several peer directors and Senior Administrative Staff provided excellent input,” said Brouillette. “Tina’s 28 years of experience in the clinical laboratory field, hospital, her education, and understanding of the importance of hospital interaction will be an asset to the laboratory department.”
Hatch's road to her new job as included many stops along the way.
"I started as a student working here at Massena Memorial Hospital for my internship to complete my Associate's Degree from SUNY Canton," said Hatch. "After Canton I was hired as a per diem tech and worked as a per diem tech for four years while I went back to school to get my Bachelor's Degree at SUNY Potsdam."
Hatch luckily fell into a great program that MMH had during the time that helped her pay for school and save some money as well. "The hospital offered this program to students interested in health care because of a grant given to the hospital by New York State," said Hatch. "This program helped me pay for some of my schooling, books, and even my gas. So I was paid to drive back and forth from Potsdam each day."
From 1992, when she graduated from SUNY Potsdam, until 2008 she was working as a full time bench tech in the MMH laboratory. In 2008, MMH hired Ward as the new Director of Medical Laboratory Services and Ward not long after appointed Hatch as his assistant.
"I still worked in the lab as a tech but had some added administrative duties when Kevin (Ward) needed me to do some things for him," said Hatch.
Medical laboratory work wasn't Hatch's first interest in healthcare however. "At first I thought I wanted to be a nurse so I started my work in the Candy Stripping program here at Massena Memorial Hospital but later decided that it just wasn't for me."
After nursing didn't keep Hatch's interests, close family ties brought her into the department of medical lab work. "I wanted to work here because a close friend of my family's worked in the lab and I kind of always wanted to be like her," said Hatch. "After starting my work in the lab, I knew this was something I really wanted to do."
Throughout her 28 years, Hatch has enjoyed her time here at MMH and would definitely recommend working at the hospital to anyone. "I would definitely recommend working at Massena Memorial Hospital, especially working the medical lab," said Hatch. "We have a new, good quality lab and we have a very good group of workers here."
Hatch also stressed that working in medical labs at MMH or any hospital for that matter is a very important job to have.
"There is always a need for more lab technicians," said Hatch. "If someone does have an interest in health care, the medical lab is a place where you can really earn some big bucks."



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