MMH Seeks Strategic Partnership/Affiliation

North Country-based hospital looks at options for enhancing health care services for community
Massena Memorial Hospital recently developed a request for proposal (RFP) to potential partners, seeking a strategic partnership/affiliation to support the future healthcare needs of MMH’s area patients. RFPs will be sent to healthcare facilities in multiple  states.
"Massena Memorial has a lot to offer when it comes to selecting an affiliation partner that will help it meet the demands of the future," said Bob Wolleben, Chief Executive Officer. “As a rural, municipal hospital, MMH has an unique opportunity to continue to improve its delivery of quality, affordable and accessible health care to the community.”
Massena Memorial Hospital Board of Managers is seeking proposals for affiliation with a partner that has compatible mission, vision and values and a commitment to grow. Such an alliance could provide the community with a broader range of health care services and increased access to medical professionals. The board adopted several guidelines for selecting a partner. These guiding principles for affiliation, outlining specific areas of interest, include: culture, growth, increasing physician resources, quality, financial, governance and human resources.
“We are committed to our patients, staff, physicians and the local community. Working with the Town Board MMH has begun the conversion process that will ensure the long-term sustainability of Massena Memorial Hospital for generations to come,” added Wolleben. “We will continue to stay transparent and keep the community and employees informed on our progress in regards to the conversion process. This is the next step in our process for the conversion from municipal ownership to nonprofit status. Our singular focus is ensuring Massena Memorial Hospital continues to meet our community’s needs, provide top-notch employment opportunities and remain recognized as a great place for patients. I can say without a doubt that patients and employees have been, and continue to be, the top priority at Massena Memorial Hospital. 
“We are continually focused on the future so that MMH continues to serve our community. Transitioning to a nonprofit is the only way to ensure our community continues to receive quality healthcare that is close to home. Over the decade the hospital has enjoyed many successes. We have achieved these successes despite the challenges of shifting reimbursement, changes in the delivery of health services and the economic conditions in our community and throughout New York State.”
The CEO continued, saying, “A priority for this year is to focus on the future because this is what our community deserves. We look forward to continuing to meet the healthcare needs of our communities that we serve and the opportunity to raise our customers’ experiences and satisfaction to new levels.”
"Healthcare is changing in our community and across the country," said Wolleben. "We want to position ourselves to stay strong and competitive in this era of health care reform."


February 2017

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