MMH Celebrates National Nurses Day

During National Nurses Week, Massena Memorial Hospital would like to extend a special thanks to the members of the Nursing Division, the nurses, aides, directors and health unit coordinators, CSR technicians, as they continue to provide the highest level of quality care to our patients. Each one of the team deserves special recognition for their efforts in delivering compassionate care while encompassing the principles of ethical practice in their profession.
“At Massena Memorial, we know our nurses are the heart of healthcare,” said Robert Wolleben, Chief Executive Officer. “We are proud to recognize and support all of our nurses and nursing staff who are the most respected professionals in the healthcare.”
Each day, nurses and members of the nursing team encounter patients, families, and communities from all walks of life and must understand the preferred cultural values, beliefs, worldview, and practices of those you care for, every day. 
"Culturally consistent care and diversity in your workplace can help close persistent gaps in care linked to race, ethnicity, language, disability, sexual orientation, or gender expression and can also contribute to increased patient safety, better quality of care, and improved health outcomes," explained Ralene North, RN, Chief Nurse Executive.
"By being aware of the different needs of our patients and addressing those needs the Nursing Team is able to contribute to increased patient safety, better quality of care and improved health outcomes"
Today nursing is often described as an art and science, a profession that embraces dedicated people with varied interests, strengths, and passion because of the many opportunities the profession offers as nurses, added North. “We work in emergency rooms, critical care, maternity, medical/surgical units, clinics, education, information technology, advanced nursing practice nurse practitioners, certified registered nurse anesthetist serving their community with professionalism, passion and commitment to safety.”
MMH takes the opportunity during Nurses Week to thank our Nursing team, not only the RNs and LPNs who work not only in the traditional nursing areas but in medical imaging, patient family services, education and information services, but our nursing assistants, technicians and health unit coordinators. It is this team effort of approximately 169 individuals that provide the high quality of care to our patients.
Today, National Nurses Day, the MMH Nursing Directors served members of the Nursing Division a breakfast. The nurses were asked to write on a note why they chose to become a nurse. Here are some of the comments from long time nurses:
“I became a nurse because I love people…life is a gift. I wanted to take care of people before—beginning and end of life. Throughout my 31 years of nursing I have seen that. Never a day goes by I don’t thank God for the gift of nursing.”…Debby
“As a child I grew up with playmates with severe illnesses. It ultimately determined my care career path.”…
“My mom is a nurse and it never interested me. We decided together to become EMTs. We and to do a rotation in the Emergency Room and once I got there I realized I wanted to work there permanently. Soon after that I went to an open house at SUNY Canton and applied to the Nursing Program. And here I am today doing what I love!!!...Tara
“I went into the nursing profession to help people. I love helping and putting a smile on someone’s face. Geriatrics is by far my favorite.”…Randi
“I enjoy caring for others and helping to keep people healthy.”…Aimee
“I became a nurse because I wanted to help people and make a difference in their lives. …
“Growing up my father was very sick. I watched him go in and out of the hospital. He received an unreal level of care from nurses at the doctor’s office, ICU, OR, home health, and dialysis center. I know one day I wanted to be able to give back that level of care to complete strangers as well. I love my job as a nurse!”…Alexis
“I wanted to help mothers deliver healthy newborns. I love watching a delivery and a new member of a family being born and seeing the love and joy in the room.”…Pam
“I wanted to follow my grandmother’s footsteps and I love helping and taking care of people.”…
“I wanted to be a nurse starting at about six. It was all I wanted to do. I went to BOCES in high school for nursing. After 35+ years I still love what I do every day. Though there are frustrating days, there is a sense of pride, love and accomplishments.”…
“To make a difference in the health and happiness of my friends, family and community.” …Ralene
“We applaud their role in making Massena Memorial Hospital a great place for patients to receive care and nurses to practice their profession,” Wolleben said.
 Massena Memorial Hospital celebrated National Nurses Day by asking nurses to reflect on why they choose to become a nurse. Pam Marin, RN, Tender Touches Birthing Center Charge Nurse said, “I wanted to help mothers deliver healthy newborns. I love watching a delivery and a new member of a family being born and seeing the love and joy in the room.”


February 2017

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