MMH Awarded $5.8 Million from NYSDOH


Today, Massena Memorial Hospital was notified by the Commissioner of Health, New York State Department of Health that the hospital is being awarded $5.8 million as part of the state-funded capital awards under the $1.2 billion Capital Restructuring Finance Program (CRFP) and $355 million Essential Health Care Provider Support (EHCPS) Program.
 “We greatly appreciate the support of the state in recognizing MMH efforts as the sole community provider for health and medical services in Massena and the surrounding Northern St. Lawrence County. The $5.8 million awarded supports MMH’s efforts on the path to financial sustainability, and continuing commitment to the community,” said Bob Wolleben, Chief Executive Officer.
Massena Memorial Hospital submitted an application to the NYSDOH for the conversion from Municipal to Private, Non-Profit Status to Ensure Financial Permanence and Essential Health Care Provider Status. The application included the following component requests: Retirement of Existing Debt, Corporate Governance Conversion, Facility Modernization, Emergency Room Modernization, Inpatient Room Modernization, Cardiology Services Consolidation, and IT Conversion and Software Modernization. 
Massena Memorial Hospital (MMH) is a 50 bed sole community provider hospital in Massena, New York with an Operating Budget of $54 million. The facility operates a 24 hour  ED seeing 15,500 patients annually (volume is increasing 7% annually) a walk in clinic treating 9,000 patients annually, performs 1,600 surgeries annually and admits over 2,550 patient per year (increasing at a 2% annual rate). Additionally, the facility operates (4) Article 28 Health Centers and employs over 25 providers. MMH operates the largest multispecialty group serving approximately 42,000 residents in its Primary Service Area/Secondary Service Areas.
Massena Memorial Hospital is implementing a plan to ensure financial permanence and to expand essential services provided to the 42,000 people in the hospital’s underserved service area.  The key component is this plan is conversion of Massena Memorial Hospital’s corporate status from municipal town owned to a 501c3 non-profit corporation. 
Wolleben explained , the change in status provides Massena Memorial Hospital a path to financial permanence through expansion of needed community services, opportunities to increase profitability thru Joint Venture opportunities, full participation in Value Based purchasing opportunities available in the Medicare and Medicaid programs and potential participation/affiliation with larger medical facilities and or systems.
“This grants helps us with our strategic initiatives in growing our services, improving patient experience and converting our corporate structure for financial stability,” Wolleben added.


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