Medical Imaging Team...Discovering the Inside Story National Radiologic Technology Week

Providing patients with safe medical imaging examinations and radiation therapy treatments is the prime goal for the nation’s radiologic technologists. To recognize the vital work of its R.T.s, Massena Memorial Hospital recognizes their Medical Imaging team during National Radiologic Technology Week. 
“It’s great that we have this specific period each year to specifically recognize each and every diagnostic imaging professional.  At MMH, our patients and providers have access to the best and most advanced diagnostic imaging technology and tools.  However, it is these dedicated professionals and their skills that maximize the diagnostic value of these systems.  Each is licensed in their specific areas of expertise and they use their skills and knowledge to insure our patients receive care in a safe and compassionate manner,” said Bob Elsner, RT, Medical Imaging Director.  “We take time to individually thank them for their committed service to our organization, providers, and patients, not only this week but, throughout the year 24/7.” 
“We are very proud of the Medical Imaging Team that we have assembled to serve the communities healthcare needs. From our experienced radiologists to our highly trained imaging technologists and support staff, we have years of experience in medical imaging and we believe in a compassionate service oriented approach, with the best imaging equipment in the North Country,” said Mark Brouillette, Senior Director Professional and Practice Management/ Ancillary Services. “Our mission is all about the patient experience, to enhance the quality and safety of patient care.” 
MMH has the best Medical Imaging equipment in the North Country, to include: 3.0 Tesla MRI, Digital Mammography, Dual Head Nuclear Medicine, Computer Radiology, Bone Densitometry, 3D Ultrasound, 128 Slice Ct Scan, and Stress Echo.
National Radiologic Technology Week was created by the American Society of Radiologic Technologists in 1979. The event is celebrated each year during the week of Nov. 8, the day that German physicist Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen discovered the x-ray in 1895. 
Medical imaging and radiation therapy professionals work with some of the most innovative equipment in the medical field to help identify pathologies, plan and administer treatment and restore patient health. MMH’s Medical Imaging Team of  Radiologic Technologists specialize in breast imaging, computed tomography, cardiac-interventional procedures, magnetic resonance imaging, nuclear medicine, ultrasound, and general diagnostic radiology. 
MMH Medical Imaging Team...Outstanding Technology…Compassionate Team Discovering the Inside Story – MMH Medical Imaging Department (from left to right) Dean Cook, Bob Elsner, Rick Fregoe, Kathy Mason, RN, Sue Mackey, Paula Marshall, Jen Francis, Jenny DeSilva, Jeremy Marcil, Macy Fountain, Tyler Belleau, Liz Reynolds, Jeff Latreille, Dr Terence Schumpert, Radiologist. Not pictured: Jim Limieux, JJ Kilpatrick, Micki Marcil, Debbie Kershner, Stepanie Haas, Allie Debien, Lenore Levine, RN, Lynn Maxwell and Angie Francis.


February 2017

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