MMH Brings VidiStar On-Line


Massena Memorial Hospital is the first North Country hospital to install and bring on-line VidiStar. VidiStar is a medical imaging and clinical reporting technology that offers multi-modality picture archiving and communication system which interfaces Cardiology diagnostics to include Nuclear Stress, Echocardiograms, Stress Lab, EKGs, Holter Monitoring and outpatient blood pressure monitors. 
This new system allows the Cardiologist to read the diagnostic images on-site or remotely by logging in from anywhere to a secure VidiStar data center encrypted site.  Once the cardiologist finalizes and signs off on a patient report, an email and fax is generated to the primary care referring physician. The referring physician’s email contains an UID, Unique Identifier for each patient encounter, that allows the physician access their patient’s images and reports. VidiStar’s internet-based PACS and DICOM structured reporting uses the latest web-based technological standards for clinical interpretation, analysis, and medical reporting for physician office and hospital-based setting.
“This is a real time web based digital read and report system that enables the completion of Cardiology test from anywhere that the internet is accessible; it is state-of-the-art,” explained, Dr. Joseph Gardella, MMH Cardiologist. “This system is a quantum leap beyond, the imaging and the time required to generate a report of a diagnostic test is cut in half. This system decreases the work load and increases the productivity which is better continuity of care for the patient.” 
“The turnaround time from cardiologist’s report to primary care physician is phenomenal,” explained Abraham Day, MMH Network Administrator /Engineer. “This system is changing the work flow.  This new technology allows the cardiologist the ability to read the diagnostic test, sign off and offer the referring physician immediately reports, diagnostic images and video electronically.”
VidiStar, LLC offers a complete Picture Archival Communication System and patented DICOM structured reporting solution for cardiology, vascular diagnostic imaging for clinical interpretation, analysis and medical reporting in physician office and hospital- based settings.
“Making this investment benefits the patient; it improves care for the patients, assist the physicians and it is a commitment to the community that Massena Memorial Hospital is going to be here for a long time,” said Bob Wolleben, Chief Executive Officer.
Matt Martin, MMH Biomedical Engineer, University of Vermont Technical Services Program, explained MMH is the first hospital to launch VidiStar which enables physicians and health care providers the ability to remotely read and interpret diagnostic studies, the VidiStar systems provides a wide range of clinicians with instant access to superior high-quality images and patient data from the hospital or any location using the internet. MMH’s VidiStar System includes Cloud and Onsite imaging/reporting and data analytic software options for improved workflow, accreditation and referring physician satisfaction.
Massena Memorial Hospital’s VidiStar implementation team include: Cardiologists Dr. Gardella and Dr. Nidal Makhoul, CVPH Cardiologist; along with Abraham Day, Matt Martin, and Tom Vida, MMH Ultrasound Technologist. 
VIDISTAR CARDIAC IMAGING—Dr. Joseph Gardella, MMH Cardiologist, files a patient’s cardiac diagnostic report on the VidiStar system to send to the referring primary care physician. This allows the primary care physician to sign into the system within hours to the test to view images and clinical reports for better patient continuity of care.
MMH VIDISTAR IMPLEMENTATION TEAM—Members of the MMH VidiStar Implementation Team demonstrate the cardiac imaging reporting system. Team members pictured include (left to right) Abraham Day, MMH Network Administrator /Engineer, Tom Vida, Ultrasound Technologist, and Matt Martin, MMH Biomedical Engineer, University of Vermont Technical Services Program


February 2017

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