Novak Selected as 2015 Auxilian of the Year

Massena Memorial Hospital and the Auxiliary each year recognize a member of the army of volunteers for outstanding service to the Auxiliary and hospital. Massena Memorial Hospital Auxiliary has nearly two-hundred dedicated volunteers who annually donate more than thousands of hours in service to their health care facility and to their community. 

Massena Memorial Hospital recognizes each member of the hospital Auxiliary for the dedication and service to the hospital. This year marks the 63rd Anniversary of the hospital, but it also important to note the Auxiliary has been an active force at the hospital for over 60 years. 

Massena Memorial Hospital Auxiliary members, on a daily basis, give immeasurable hours of volunteer service in the areas of patient services, wellness promotion, illness prevention programs, fundraising, advocacy activities, and community outreach projects. “In fact, the Auxiliary has had a good year thanks to our own innovative and dedicated members. Our fund raising efforts were all successful this year. Books Are Fun sales increased this year and our third annual “Vendors N More Gala” was again a success with a lot of hard work by many. “Christmas Cash” continues to bring $3,500.00 profit and gives prizes totaling $2,500, noted President Kay Romeo.
The hospital Gift Shop just keeps growing with new ideas and products. Barbara Kennedy, Gift Shop Buyer/Manager has found many new products to increase sales. The addition of Alex and Ani bracelets brought a huge increase in sales, especially from the outside. A total of $30,000.00 was given to the auxiliary from the Gift Shop.
Each year the Auxiliary honors an Auxilian of the Year, but this year, the hospital Auxiliary is pleased to honor Cheryl Novak.
Although the Auxiliary is involved in many fundraisers, the hospital Gift Shop is the main source of revenue for the Auxiliary. This year’s honoree has worked diligently to balance the income versus the disbursements, realizing a significant profit for the Auxiliary in 2014; she has been the Treasurer of the Gift Shop for a number of years. 
“Cheryl is someone who works in various capacities thru the years, like the sewing bees, chairing one of the largest fundraisers, working in the Gift Shop on a regular basis and taking excellent care of the Gift Shop finances,” explained Barb Kennedy, MMH Auxiliary Gift Shop Manager. “Cheryl and I have become partners, working for the good of the Gift Shop. We have also become good friends. Cheryl has helped me so many times, some things at the last minute, like a few health fairs and the Spring Vendor Gala shows. Never a question asked, she just comes and helps. Also When I get a big shipment of Alex and Ani, Cheryl is always willing to help.”
This Auxilian also retired from Massena Memorial Hospital in 2008 after working for over two decades as a Health Unit Coordinator throughout every nursing unit in the hospital and as an Administrative Assistant in hospital Administration. 
If you would like further information on becoming an Auxiliary Volunteer at Massena Memorial Hospital, please call MMH Public Relations at 769-4305.


February 2017

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