MMH Employee Recognition Program 2014

Commitment That Goes Above; Care That Goes Beyond!

Massena Memorial Hospital’s 20th Annual Employee Recognition Program was held to honor employees who achieved career milestones in 2014. The Employee Recognition program’s theme this year was “Commitment that goes above and Care that goes beyond.”
Charles F. Fahd, II, FACHE, Chief Executive Officer, addressed the employees with great respect in regards to the tremendous years of dedication each employee has given to Massena Memorial Hospital. He said, “I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and “thank you” for being part of Massena Memorial Hospital’s Twentieth Annual Employee Recognition program. Tonight will mark yet another milestone in the healthcare careers of 65 of our colleagues as we recognize and celebrate over 900 years of commitment, dedication and service excellence to our hospital, patients and community.”
“During this day and age of high technology, constant mobility and all the new types of jobs and career opportunities, that are now available out there, it’s unusual to find individuals, who are willing to stay in one place, with one employer for literally decades. For two of our honorees this year, they have over 3 ½ decades and still counting.
“It is very special people to work in healthcare and more specifically the acute care hospital setting and when we look at the list names of those being recognized, 22 of the 65 are celebrating 20 years or more years of dedicated service for our hospital community.”
The Massena Memorial Hospital Auxiliary hosted the evening event by providing dinner to all the employees being recognized.
Recognized for five years of service in the different divisions are:  Administration-Ty Batten, Information Systems; Ancillary Services- Patricia Borey, Pharmacy, Michael Chambers, Laboratory, Richard Fregoe, Medical Imaging, and Jamie Carr, Nutritional Services; Fiscal Services- James Caster, Materials Management, Joline Miller, Health Information Services; Nursing Services- Candace Mattice, Med/Surg/Peds, Anastasia Taber, Med/Surg/Peds, Tara Gallant, Perinatal Services, Deborah Alguire, Intensive Care, Emily Ward, Intensive Care, Marlyn Berry, Endoscopy, Jacqueline Matthie, Performance Improvement, Michelle Putney, Patient Family Services, Charles (Ace) Janovsky, Dialysis and Renee McGregor, CSR.
Recognized for ten years of service in the different divisions are Ancillary Services-William Fent, Pharmacy, Eric Miller, Pharmacy, David Provencher, Medical Imaging, Jennifer DeSilva, Medical Imaging, Paula Marshall, Medical Imaging, Anthony Miraglia, Medical Imaging, Jonathan French, Environmental Services, Scott Leffler, Environmental Services; Fiscal Services- Janet Brouillette, Patient Billing,  Amanda Boice, Health Information Services, Linda Therrien, Health Information Services; Nursing Services- Reagan Burns, Med/Surg/Peds, Megan Raimondi, Med/Surg/Peds, Tina Debien, Intensive Care, Leo Tallman, Intensive Care, Helen LaPage, Emergency Services, Tonya Belknap, Endoscopy,  and Carl Bourdette, Dialysis.
Recognized for fifteen years of service in the different divisions are: Ancillary Services- Amy Batten, Laboratory, Kimberly Hughes, Laboratory, Jeffrey Latreille, Medical Imaging, Kathleen Mason, Medical Imaging, John Beaudoin, Environmental Services; Fiscal Services - Paula Snow, Health Information Services; Practice Management- Deborah Kerr, Cardiology and Michele Locy, Kids Korner
Recognized for twenty years are service in the different divisions are: Administration- Marilyn Carr, Information Systems, Robin Perry, Information Systems; Ancillary Services- Holly Deleel, Pharmacy, Scott Weaver, Laboratory, Vernon Dandrew, Nutritional Services, Sherry Hewitt, Environmental Services; Fiscal Services- Robin Perry, Patient Billing; Nursing Administration- Joyce Smith, Med/Surg/Peds/ICU/EKG/Stress; Nursing Services- Betty Kelly, EKG, Linda Smith, Endoscopy, Yevonne Cantwell, Dialysis; and Practice Management- Jane Gallant, VA Clinic.
Recognized for twenty-five years of service in the different divisions are: Ancillary Services- Kaneta Cameron, Laboratory, Sue Francis, Nutritional Services, Kelly LaBrake, Environmental Services; Financial Services- Tammy Newtown, Patient Billing; Nursing Services- Elaine McCann, Endoscopy, Maria Wright, Dialysis, Karen Seeber, EKG/Stress Lab; and Practice Management- Nancy Faucher, Oncology.
Recognized for thirty years of service from Fiscal Services- Gina Chase, Admitting.  For thirty-five years of service both from the Ancillary Service Division are Judy MacKinnon, Nutritional Services and William Francis, Environmental Services.
Fahd, concluded the evening program in saying, “I can truly say that in all the 45 years of working in the healthcare field, I have never worked with a more talented, more giving, more dedicated, more compassionate staff then I have experienced at Massena Memorial Hospital. Thank you for all your years of dedicated service to our community.”

Thirty-Five Years of commitment and continued service to MMH—Massena Memorial Hospital recently recognized 65 employees for their continued dedicated service to MMH and the patients they serve. An outstanding employee was recognized with the Diamond Coterie Award thirty-five years of continued service. Billy Francis (center) is congratulated by Mark Brouillette, Senior Director Ancillary Services (right) and John Beaudoin, Maintenance Services Section Leader.  Brouillette noted Francis is the longest raining Maintenance Technician in the Department; his expertise in facilities, boiler maintenance, plumbing and general maintenance is commended.



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