Lab Receives Excellent DOH Review for Bi-Annual Survey


Surveyor noted to the Lab staff, that the MMH Lab is in the top percentage of laboratories within New York State

Massena Memorial Hospital Laboratory completed a four day survey with an excellent review with the New York State Department of Health.  The bi-annual survey was unannounced, so the MMH Laboratory’s goal is to make sure the lab is ready 365 days a year.
Kevin Ward, Administrative Director of Laboratory, said, “The Lab is the most highly regulated division in a hospital, with being survey by the Department of Health and Joint Commission every year. We prepare as if any day a surveyor can walk through the door.”
“The surveyor commented that the Massena Memorial Hospital Laboratory is in the top percentage of laboratories within New York State.  I congratulate the entire lab staff for an excellent survey and for their continued dedication in providing the best lab services in the North Country,” said Charles F. Fahd, II, FACHE, Chief Executive Officer. “MMH’s Lab demonstrates the hospital’s commitment to patient safety and quality care. We view this survey as another step toward achieving excellence.”
The four-day unannounced survey was extremely thorough, explained Ward. The surveyor reviewed all areas of the lab; to include: Hematology, Urinalysis, Coagulation, General Chemistry, Special Chemistry, Histology, Microbiology, Blood Bank, Serology, Phlebotomy, Specimen collection and handling, and Quality Management.
Ward added, “The whole survey is a quality review of required standards. All areas of the lab are inspected from the time a patient arrives to the final report given to the physician; many tracers were performed. The key focus may be the laboratory but the lab intertwines with the entire patient stay and all areas of the hospital.”
“The surveyor takes a tracer approach by tracking a specimen from the time of collection through the processing, handling and to a final report,” Ward added. “The surveyor reviewed employees’ qualifications and an assessment of each area in the lab; the quality of the equipment, environment, how patients are handled and the overall quality assessment of the entire laboratory process. One area scrutinized was the blood transfusion process and systems to ensure patients are receiving the product the physician ordered.”
He added the success of the lab is ultimately due to the laboratory staff doing the work every day. He said I can review their work weekly, monthly or biannually as required by the Joint Commission and Department of Health standards, but it is the daily hard work of the staff that makes us one of the top hospital laboratories in the state.
“We are always amazed with the volume of tests and quality of work produced on monthly bases by our laboratory department/professionals and appreciate the excellent validation from the Department of Health that our laboratory department received,” said Mark Brouillette, Senior Director of Ancillary Services. “I congratulate Kevin and his staff for a phenomenal survey, one that the hospital is very proud of.”
Members of the Laboratory staff include:  Renee Barto, Jennifer Bassett, Amy Batten, Kaneta Cameron, Michael Chambers, Kristie Cole, Heather Harvey, Tina Hatch, Kim Hughes, “Ace” Janovsky, Melissa LaPage, Shelby Love, Pamela Monroe, Daniel O’Keefe, Lisa Randall, Thomas Savage, Cathy Smith, Kandy Talbot, Rick Tremblay, Vickie Tyo, Scott Weaver, Jodi White, Amy Wilson, and Kevin Ward, Administrative Director with Dr. Phillip M. Bridgman, M.D. as Medical Director and S. Scott Smith, M.D. as Associate Medical Director.


February 2017

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