MMH Launches an Informational Micro-site ~

Massena Memorial Hospital (MMH) has launched a new micro-site,, to encourage community members to learn about the hospital’s challenges and opportunities and to invite a wide range of stakeholders to take part in a collaborative public information process.
In addition to launching the microsite, MMH is holding a series of meetings with community groups to ensure individuals throughout the community have a chance to ask questions and share ideas as, together, we determine how to ensure that MMH is able to continue providing quality medical care far into the future.

The website features information about the hospital and the public information process, including an informative presentation that outlines the hospital’s financial challenges and the possible future options. Visitors can use a form on the website to submit questions and comments, which will be incorporated into a summary report that MMH will issue in the next 30 to 45 days.

“Massena Memorial Hospital is a community asset and we want the community to be fully informed and engaged in the process as we chart a new future for the hospital,” said Charles F. Fahd, II, FACHE, MMH Chief Executive Officer. “Working with the Town of Massena Board, our goal is to implement a solution that serves the best interests of all the people who depend on our community hospital, MMH.”

To access the micro-site; go directly to or the hospital’s main website, and click on the Quick Link to the right of the page entitled, The Future of MMH. For more information, please call the MMH Public Relations Office at 315-769-4305.


February 2017

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