Massena Memorial Hospital’s 17th Annual Employee Recognition Program was held to honor employees who achieved career milestones in 2011. The Employee Recognition program’s theme this year was Vision, Enthusiasm, Hard Work and Desire.
Charles F. Fahd, II, Chief Executive Officer, addressed the employees with great respect in regards to the tremendous years of dedication each employee has given to Massena Memorial Hospital. “It always amazes me when we look at the combined years of service of our awardees.  This year 61 celebrants have more than 840 years of combined service. As expected, our largest groupings are those employees with 5 years of service, but the second largest grouping is those employees with 20 years or more of service.
 In this day and age of employment volatility and the ease of which families seem to pull up stakes and move from one place to another, it’s becoming more and more unusual to find people who stay in one job or with one employer for extended periods of time.  There has to be a special reason, a desire, and a strong motivation for an individual to remain for 2 or 3 decades, with one employer.”
“I truly believe that our healthcare professionals genuinely enjoy working for Massena Memorial Hospital.  There is a saying that goes “If you truly enjoy what you are doing, you’ll never work a day in your life”.  I truly believe that our employees enjoy what they do, they enjoy their surroundings, their respective professional, but I believe that most of all, they enjoy the people they work with.  These are the reasons that we celebrate 840 years of service tonight,” added Fahd.
  This year sixty-one employees were recognized with over 840 years of service. One employee, Marlene Emlin, Fiscal Services was recognized for serving 35 years of service in the Health Information Services Department. Additionally, Lisa Rotonde, Public Relations; Carla Premo and Charles Hubbard, Environmental Services; Vick Tyo and Kevin Ward, Laboratory; Joanne Barnes, Materials Management, Paula LaVigne, Patient Accounting; and Frances Fenlong, Nursing Supervision, were all recognized for 30 years of service with the hospital. Tallying in at twenty-five years is David Tisdale, Outreach Services; and Anita Richards, Health Information Services and Heather Truax, Patient Accounting.
Eight employees mark twenty years of service, they are from Clarence (Fred) Brush, Environmental Services; Brenda Dodge Patient Registration; Jane Ward, Medical Staff office; Ralene North, ED/Perinatal Services; Janine Harrigan-Pierce, Medical/Surgical and Pediatric Unit; Patricia Kenyon, ICU; Valerie Skomsky, Surgical Services; and Tammy Butler, Outreach Clinics.
Fifteen year slates another six employees; Anastasia Blanchard, Health Information Services; Becki Haverstock, Patient Accounting; Darlena James and Sara Gleason, Dialysis; Clyde Leffler, Surgical Services; and Bonnie Wietz, Outreach Clinics.
Ten years of service marks thirteen employees are: Jana Grose, Information Services; Timothy Lalonde and Steve Krywanczyk, Maintenance; Greg Marlow Environmental Services; Daniel O’Keefe and Diana Gabri, Laboratory, Christina Leigh, Nutritional Services; Catherine Roach, Patient Accounting; Karen Trevino, Patient Registration; Betty MacDonald, Performance Improvement; Cherie Bisnett, Medical/Surgical/Pediatric Unit; Amanda Stickney and Linda Kuhn, Surgical Services.
Five years of service recognition includes: from Administrative Services, Paul Auger, and Dane Brenno, Anesthesia; from Ancillary Services, Amanda Thomas, Environmental Services, Kathleen Lauzon, Outreach Clinics; Thomas Savage, Laboratory; Renee Murray, Debra Kershner, and Anthony Orden, Medical Imaging; Jennifer Benware, and Ronald Chase, Nutritional Services; Kim Thompson, Speech Therapy; Brittany Rowe, and  Thomas Mattice, Respiratory Therapy; from Fiscal Services Betty Booth, Materials Management; from Nursing Services Sally Savage, Dialysis and Sue Lavier, Dialysis; Joann Brand, ER; Ricky Brewer, Eric Wiley, Donna Dishaw,  and Julie Stewart, Medical/Surgical/Pediatric unit; from Practice Management Nicole Garcia, Kids Korner.
Thank you for your years of dedication!

Emlin Recognized by Colleagues for 35-Years of Service — Marlene Emlin, Health Information Services, celebrates 35 years of service at Massena Memorial Hospital. Julie Zyzik, Director Health Information Services, Charles F. Fahd, II, Chief Executive Officer and Sean Curtin, Chief Financial Officer, congratulate Marlene for her outstanding achievement.



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