Mission, Vision and Values


The Mission of Massena Memorial Hospital is to provide quality and equitable care within a primary/acute health care environment by a professional staff in a safe, compassionate, and efficient manner.  


We are committed to:

  • ...excellence in all that we do.
  • ...meet our community’s healthcare needs
  • ...treat everyone in a fair and responsible manner; base all conduct and decisions on what is right and ethical
  • …actively pursue continuous quality improvement utilizing creativity, innovation based on measurable outcomes
  • ...respect the dignity and confidentiality of our patients...body, mind  and spirit.


  • Massena Memorial Hospital will become a leading quality health care provider in market  share, and breadth of services in the North Country.
  • Coordinate care across patient conditions, services and settings over time, emphasizing coordinated continuum of care. Develop and provide services which foster mutually beneficial relationships between patients and MMH
  • Create value in the delivery of healthcare taking into account information technology, trends and innovations
  • Be a primary source of health care educational programs and resources for the community; promote and maintain employee, patient and community wellness.
  • Maintain and continue financial viability necessary for success now and in the future
  • Continue to develop and operate employed physician practices and a Medical Staff Retention Program.
  • Seek new opportunities and initiate appropriate alliances to accomplish our mission. Operate with integrity to maintain the respect of our colleagues.
  • Create a patient-centered culture; care that is more respectful and responsive to individual's preferences, needs and values.
  • Be a place where patients want to come; physicians want to practice; and employees want to work.


December 2016

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