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Inpatient Care
The patient is the most important member of our healthcare team. Inpatient care at Massena Memorial Hospital refers to the entire scope of services provided to patients who remain in the hospital before, during and after receiving healthcare services from us. From admission through discharge, all of the services you receive from us: your accommodations, the meals you receive, your medical treatment, diagnostic procedures and your rehabilitation are referred to as Inpatient Care.

Inpatient care uses a team approach that is a cooperative effort between patient and staff. Patients are the most important members of our healthcare team and we are committed to quickly addressing their questions, problems and concerns with information that helps them become active participants in their own care.

Our Team
Our inpatient team is represented by a broad section of medical, professional, administrative and facilities personnel who interface with patients in the delivery of our services and in the management of the overall quality of their care. Our medical and surgical teams, nursing staff, emergency department, therapists and rehabilitative teams, diagnostics groups including our laboratory and diagnostic imaging departments as well as housekeeping personnel, admissions personnel social workers and nutritional services/counseling, collectively work to help assure that our patients receive the best care in the most timely manner.

From the quality and cleanliness of a patient’s room and the consistency of the meals served to the level of medical care received, we seek to make sure our patients experience those little things that make a difference and make their stay with us as comfortable as possible.

At Massena Memorial Hospital we pride ourselves in delivering inpatient services in a highly personalized manner that considers the needs of each patient staying with us by creating the best environment possible for them. The delivery of our services, helps patients to return home to a normal lifestyle, as quickly as possible.

Whether you are preparing for a visit to Massena Memorial Hospital, or you have already been a patient, there are numerous tools available here to help meet your needs. The following resources are provided to help patients with everything from understanding their bills to making online payments for them, accessing privacy statements to pre-registering online.

As a patient, certain general information is essential to one’s admission. We've assembled a few resources to make it easier for you.

  • Online Patient Registration - pre-register for your stay.
  • Billing FAQs - answers to your most frequently asked questions related to billing.
  • Online Bill Pay - to conveniently pay for services rendered.
  • Patient Documents - details on documents fundamental to aspects of your care.
  • Notice of Privacy Practices

We recognize that visitors play a strong role in helping patients during their stay in our hospital and have prepared policies and aids to assist them while they are visiting. Most important are our patient visiting policies and hours as well as directions on how to find our Hospital.
Additional information is provided to build awareness for both patients and visitors about our ongoing educational and event related programs designed to impart knowledge and practices to improve one’s overall health.


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